Friday, October 06, 2017

Winners of Nikkansports Sports Drama Grand Prix (Summer 2017)

There were 1,846 valid responses for this voting and numbers in brackets indicate the number of votes received for the drama or actor/actress:

Best Drama
1) Code Blue 3 (1,069)
2) Hiyokko (161)
3) Onna Joshu Naotora (92)
4) Gomen, Aishiteru (78)
5) Uchi no otto wa shigoto ga dekinai (69)

Best Leading Actor
1) Yamashita Tomohisa - Code Blue 3 (1,086)
2) Nagase Tomoya - Gomen, Aishiteru (136)
3) Nishikido Ryo - Uchi no otto wa shigoto ga dekinai (90)
4) Kamikawa Takaya - Iryu Sousa 4 (68)
5) Higashiyama Noriyuki - Keiji Shichinin 3 (62)

Best Leading Actress
1) Arimura Kasumi - Hiyokko (426)
2) Takahata Mitsuki - Kahogo no Kahoko (355)
3) Takei Emi - Kurokawa no Techou (309)
4) Shibasaki Kou - Onna Joshu Naotora (251)
5) Watanabe Naomi - Kanna-san! (152)

Best Supporting Actor
1) Asari Yousuke - Code Blue 3 (797)
2) Takahashi Issei - Onna Joshu Naotora (150)
3) Takeuchi Ryoma - Kahogo no Kahoko (101)
4) Sawamura Ikki - Hiyokko (84)
5) Shiina Kippei - Code Blue 3 (61)

Best Supporting Actress
1) Aragaki Yui - Code Blue 3 (650)
2) Toda Erika - Code Blue 3 (303)
3) Higa Manami - Code Blue 3 (97)
4) Kimura Yoshino - Hiyokko (91)
5) Miyamoto Nobuko - Hiyokko (72)

Source: Nikkansports


Anonymous said...

Somehow, the winner list pissed me off... Certainly there is a better candidate which deserves to win

Anonymous said...

huh, just looking at the list of winners I see that it is about popularity, and not talent.

Anonymous said...

Chiaki said...

Well, the number of votes received this time (less than 2,000) and how skewed the results were towards a particular drama do suggest some form of organised or structured voting activity going on. To be fair though, when such awards involve public voting, this is something that will likely happen. Since the results of this award are entirely decided by voting, it is probably inevitable that it becomes a reflection of one's popularity rather than one's performance. That is also why I tend to agree more with the Confidence Award or The Television's Awards which either tend to be based on professionals in the industry or have a mix between popularity and critical reviews.

As for that blog which is stealing my posts despite me leaving a comment demanding the withdrawal of the offending posts, the blog owner concerned has chosen to ignore me and continue with the theft of my work. I have no choice but to raise a complaint to Blogger and will have to see what I can do next. Thank you for letting me know about that blog owner's behaviour, I truly appreciate that.