Saturday, October 07, 2017

UPDATE: Stealing of my posts - latest status on the situation (7 Oct 2017)

First of all, thank you to everyone who have expressed their support in this issue where my posts are popping up everywhere else without my permission. Some of you who have shared my information elsewhere have taken the initiative to inform me about this and I have given you the permission to continue with this as long as you credit me and my blog. I truly appreciate your honesty and sincerity in dealing with this situation. Meanwhile, some of you have provided information to me when you see my posts appearing elsewhere without due credit to me.

As such, I think it is right for me to update you on what has happened since my last post:

- The user who had been reproducing my posts without permission from me nor due credit to me on has yet to respond with regard to what he/she did. One of the readers here had kindly sent a message to this user asking for him/her to contact me on this issue. Unfortunately, I still have yet to hear from this person. As I am not a member of that forum, I can't tell if this user is still continuing with this behaviour or has stopped. I did a quick search on my blog's history and saw that I had interacted with someone with the same nickname back in 2014. It seems like this person has been a reader of my blog for some time. I just find it unbelievable that this person has yet to see what I wrote about he/she did so my assumption that he/she has decided to ignore me, perhaps hoping that the issue will die down.
If you are a member of and continue to see my posts popping up there without my permission or due credits to my blog, please kindly inform me. I don't know if this person may change his/her username to do the same thing again though but if there's anything suspicious, please help me by reporting it to me or the administrator of that forum.

- At the same time, I also found out about another blog (thanks to one of my readers) which has been stealing my posts, passing them as his/her own without due credit and permission. I have left comments twice on the blog to date but they aren't showing on the posts concerned because they need to be approved by the blog owner. As you can probably imagine, the demands I've made to the blog owner to withdraw the offending posts were ignored. I have since contacted Blogger to check on what I can do.
I hate to have to spend time and energy going through this process of chasing after such content thieves but this blog owner's attitude towards this issue really angers me especially after I had posted a warning previously about the theft of my content in this manner. You can't say that you haven't seen that when you had visited my blog and wasted no time stealing my post about the Nikkansports Drama Grand Prix results which were just uploaded last night. And by ignoring me, that just shows how self-entitled you feel about this behaviour. What's probably more ironic is, my post about the recent BORDER screening event is this blog's No.3 most popular post while the rest seemed to be download links to videos. For heaven's sake, can't you just write your own stuff if you want to have your own blog?

I don't know how much I have to do to stop this kind of stealing and if the measures I take will be truly effective. However, I will do my best to protect my work and kindly ask you, my readers to support me through this journey, be it by alerting me about the offenders or suggesting ways that I can deal with such people. And for those who are still stealing my work and thinking that you can get away with it, you are just lying to yourself by passing off content from other people as yours. If your conscience doesn't prick you or you don't feel ashamed about this act, I guess whatever I say will affect you or make you change your ways. 


Anonymous said...

I love your blog SO much and thank you for all your hard work! I'm sorry this is still happening and I hope that whoever has been stealing your posts will learn the error of their ways and stop soon.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to see that they are still stealing your work. The blog you mentioned just stole the Oricon Anticipated Drama entry, complete with the pictures. WTF.

I looked over at JDorama and it seems as if they have stopped with the last stolen entry being 9/22/17, so there's hope that some people do have a conscience.

Anonymous said...

the user at JDorama's name is gaijinmark. same guy from D-Addicts

Anonymous said...

Koala's playground put a lock on the copy and paste functions in their website, may be that can be an option to explore. I do visit Jdoroma's website and I can't believe that a user with such a long history would do something like that. He should know about giving credit when credit is due.

Chiaki said...

Hi Anonymous, thank you for your suggestion. I already applied the lock on the copy and paste functions here so I hope that I can block those content thieves, if not at least make it harder for them to steal. It's so annoying that the Kawata Hina blog is practically duplicating my posts in no time and doing it so blatantly even though I've already made it known that I am aware of this offending behaviour. It's a wonder how thick-skinned some people can get.