Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The social media trends for today's Japanese dramas

With social media channels being a key tool in PR efforts especially for brands and companies, many Japanese dramas now have dedicated official accounts, sometimes even across different channels. However, not all of these channels deliver the same kind of results especially when you consider that one channel may be more speedy in soliciting responses while one may offer ease in seeing past posts and another can offer a more satisfying experience in visual media. Coupled with limitations such as the number of staff who man these channels or copyright restrictions e.g. the ban on Johnny's artistes' photos in the past, it can be really difficult in navigating these channels to ensure that there is a good return on the cost incurred such as in terms of time spent managing them and how to engage users with quality content. Just posting announcements to remind viewers to tune in for the broadcasts is simply not enough and a waste of such social media channels.

Besides these factors to consider, the target audience's social media habits and reasons for choosing one channel over another may affect the social media strategy of the TV stations. You may have noticed that the same TV station may open different social media channels for each of their dramas whereas some do the same for all their offerings.

Based on the recent survey conducted on Dorama World's Facebook and Twitter pages - thank you to everyone who responded, here are some observations I made based on the comments and the poll results:
- 81.2% of the Twitter followers indicated that they would choose to follow the Twitter accounts only when they wanted to keep track of official updates about Japanese dramas. However, among the Facebook followers who responded, the selection was a lot more varied with some sticking to Facebook only while others liked to use FB along with Instagram and/or Twitter. Seems like "brand loyalty" or rather "platform loyalty" is a lot stronger on Twitter.

- Surprisingly, none of the Spring 2021 dramas had an official Facebook page which seems to suggest that it was probably no longer worth setting up this from the perspective of the TV stations when the follower numbers are likely to be much smaller. Also, we have to consider the fact that these official accounts are primarily targeted at the Japanese viewers and Twitter is a very powerful and popular social media channel there. 

- With regard to the reasons why Twitter followers tended to choose Twitter only, here are the key factors: 
* Convenience - posts are presented chronologically as compared to Facebook or Instagram
* Consumes less mobile data compared to other channels
* Does not use any other social media channel besides Twitter
* More detailed information
* Information is spread faster compared to other channels
* More dramas tend to have a Twitter account

- As for the Facebook followers, many have indicated that Twitter is largely about text so they prefer other channels like Instagram for visually-rich content such as photos and videos.

In line with these observations, you can see a similar trend in the way TV stations are developing their social media strategy. 

I have compiled the follower numbers for all the Spring 2021 dramas across different channels where they must meet this criteria:
- has at least one designated account on one of these social media channels i.e. Instagram, LINE or Twitter

- NHK and WOWOW dramas have been left out of this analysis owing to the fact that these TV stations have a general social media channel for their works but no designated ones for each title.
- In addition, please take note that all numbers were taken as of 21 Apr 2021 and may be subject to change by the time you view this article or visit the corresponding social media channels.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of strategies being deployed by the TV stations:
* Single-platform approach (highlighted in yellow)
* Double-platform approach (no highlight)
* Triple-platform approach (highlighted in beige)

First of all, let's look at the dramas which have a single-platform-approach and coincidentally (or not), their unanimous choice is Twitter. Interestingly, TV Tokyo's offerings are mostly in this category except for "Tantei Hoshikamo" which is taking a double-platform approach. In terms of reach, TV Tokyo's offerings have less than 10K followers while "Tokusou 9 Season 4" and "Ichikei no Karasu" have more than 50K and 30K followers respectively. However, do note that "Tokusou 9" has been using the same Twitter account since it started while "Ichikei" is a brand new drama so the higher number of followers for the former should include those accumulated from previous seasons.

Coming to those which have a double-platform approach, you can see that the same combination was selected across every title i.e. Instagram and Twitter. As pointed out earlier, users tend to go to Twitter for more text content while Instagram is the preferred choice for visual media. By applying a two-pronged approach, they can target different users by implementing some form of differentiation between both channels and meeting unique needs of each platform's users.

Last but not least, the triple-platform approach is an add-on from the double-platform by incorporating LINE in the strategy. Generally speaking, LINE is the top communication app used among Japanese viewers so it is no surprise that they choose this over other similar apps like WhatsApp or KakaoTalk. However, if you look at the numbers, it seems that the number of followers is still on the low side when compared to the other channels but this may have the potential to grow especially among people who likes the content to be "pushed" to them via LINE instead of having to search or check for it on Twitter or Instagram. Personally, I get rather annoyed when I get too many notifications so I've resorted to turning the notifications off for some of the very active accounts I follow.

If you look at the choices across the TV stations, it appears that:
- FujiTV seems to have a tendency to "customise" its strategy for each title - with 1 drama having 1 platform and the other having 2. "Omameda Towako" is technically under Kansai TV so it's likely that the choice to have 3 platforms for this title is not so much influenced by FujiTV.
- TV Asahi favours the double-platform approach and is applying it uniformly across the board.
- TBS' minimum standard is at least 2 platforms with "Kikazaru" bucking the trend with another platform on LINE.
- NTV has always had a tendency to use LINE for its dramas but this season, "Nemesis" is the only one without a LINE account.

In terms of total follower numbers, the top two which adopt a triple-platform-approach, do have a slight advantage. However, even without the 16K or 17K from LINE, their strong following on Instagram alone would have beaten those ranked No.4 and below. Interestingly, "Koi wa Deep ni" has 3 times more followers on Instagram as compared to its Twitter account and "Kikazaru" has a similar trend of 2 times more followers on Instagram. This seems to suggest that most of its social media followers are inclined towards visual content rather than text. On the other hand, "Nemesis" which is ranked at No.3, has almost the same numbers on both Instagram and Twitter (133K vs. 123K) so that's why it ranks high at No.3 even though it has 110K less followers on Instagram as compared to "Koi wa Deep ni".

When you compare the average numbers for all platforms, you can see that some of the extreme values at both ends of the spectrum have skewed the average to a large extent. For example, the average value of Instagram followers is 69,316 but this means that only the top 4 would have been performing above this level. Likewise, the average figure of 43,035 for Twitter would mean that only 8 out of 18 titles would be performing above average. As the sample size for LINE is too small and the figures are too extreme, we will skip this part for the analysis.

Alternatively, if we are to take the median values, it gives a clearer picture on which social media accounts are doing fine. For Instagram, the median value is 49,886 so "Koi wa Deep ni", "Kikazaru", "Nemesis", "Dragonzakura 2", "Konto ga hajimaru", "Kotaroo wa hitorigurashi" and "Omameda Towako" can be considered to be doing well. 

As for Twitter, the median value of 29,724 would mean that "Nemesis". "Koi wa Deep ni", "Dragonzakura 2", "Konto ga hajimaru", Kikazaru", "Tokusou 9", "Kotaroo wa hitorigurashi" and "Omameda Towako" would be considered as performing above average.

What we can conclude is that the top 7's social media strategies seem to be working out as they are all performing above average for each of their channels. "Rikokatsu" failed to make the cut in terms of individual channels but when combined, the total number somehow helped it to stay above the median value of 55,302 for total numbers. "Tokusou 9" despite relying on just 1 channel, is still able to perform above the median while its counterparts with the same strategy all did not exceed the median.

As such, it does appear that in order to make sure that the social media strategy can at least stay at or above the median, it pays not to put all your eggs into one basket. With varied needs from users for different types of content, it may be more worthwhile to pursue a strategy that employs more than 1 platform. Then again, the other option of having more than 2 platforms may not work out as well since LINE only contributes marginally to the total. It might be more efficient to devote resources to two platforms only just like "Nemesis" which is just around 5,000 shy of the total achieved by No.2 "Kikazaru" that has 3 channels. 

Of late, a small number of dramas have branched out into video sites like TikTok and YouTube which still remains a niche area for most so it remains to be seen if they can become the third most popular social media channel choice or LINE can continue to hold on to this position. Or there may be a new challenger in time to come. For now, Twitter and Instagram looks like the popular choice for most.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Preview of "Watashi no otto wa reizouko ni nemutteiru" - Spring 2021

Title: Watashi no otto wa reizouko ni nemutteiru 私の夫は冷蔵庫に眠っている (My husband is lying inside the fridge)
Official website: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 10 April 2021
Timeslot: Saturdays 11.25pm
Broadcast by: TV Tokyo
Original novel by: Yazuki Misaki
Theme Song: "Kingyosukui" by MATSURI
Cast: Motokariya Yuika, Shirasu Jin, Aoyagi Sho, Okayama Hajime, Asada Miyoko & Saito Yuki

Preview of "Risou no Otoko" - Spring 2021

Title: Risou no Otoko 理想のオトコ (The Ideal Man)
Official website: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 7 April 2021
Timeslot: Wednesdays 12.40am
Broadcast by: TV Tokyo
Original manga by: Chika
Opening theme song: "No Make" by Adachi Kana
Ending theme song: "By Your Side" by Oohashi Chippoke
Cast: Renbutsu Misako, Fujii Mina, Seto Toshiki, Mikata Ryosuke & Ando Masanobu

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Preview of "Ano toki kiss shiteokeba" - Spring 2021

Title: Ano toki kiss shiteokeba あのときキスしておけば (If only I had kissed at that time)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 30 April 2021
Timeslot: Fridays 11.15pm
Broadcast by: TV Asahi
Theme Song: "Itoshii Hito" by SUPER BEAVER
Cast: Matsuzaka Toori, Asou Kumiko, Iura Arata, Miura Shohei, Nekoze Tsubaki, Rokkaku Shinji, Anan Atsuko, Uraji Nuno, Tsunoda Takashi, Fujieda Yoshiki, Kawase Riko, Itakura Takeshi, MEGUMI, Kubozuka Airu & Kishimoto Kayoko

Preview of "Kotaroo wa hitorigurashi" - Spring 2021

Title: Kotaroo wa hitorigurashi コタローは1人暮らし (Kotaroo lives on his own)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 24 Apr 2021
Timeslot: Saturdays 11.30pm
Broadcast by: TV Asahi
Original manga by: Tsumura Mami
Theme Song: "Hitori ni shinaiyo" by Kanjani 8
Cast: Yokoyama Yu, Kawahara Eito, Yamamoto Maika, Nishihata Daigo, Momota Kanako, Deguchi Natsuki, Mitsuishi Ken, Minemura Rie, Ookura Koji, Issey Ogata & Namase Katsuhisa

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Preview of "Nakuna Kenshuui" - Spring 2021

Title: Nakuna Kenshuui 泣くな研修医 (Don't cry, Intern)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 24 April 2021
Timeslot: Saturdays 11pm
Broadcast by: TV Asahi
Original manga by: Nakayama Yuujiro
Theme Song: "konomama" by DOBERMAN INFINITY
Cast: Shirahama Alan, Nomura Shuuhei, Tsunematsu Yuri, Emoto Tokio, Kinami Haruka, Ohira Shuzo, Nagami Rea, Yoshida Uronta, Nishio Mari, Okuyama Kazusa, Takahashi Kazuya & Yamaguchi Tomomitsu

Preview of "Tantei Hoshikamo" - Spring 2021

Title: Tantei Hoshikamo 探偵☆星鴨 (Detective Hoshikamo)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 26 April 2021
Timeslot: Mondays 12.59am
Broadcast by: NTV
Theme Song: "Negative Fighter" by Hey! Say! JUMP
Cast: Arioka Daiki, Katayama Yuki, Okada Yoshinori & Horibe Keisuke

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Preview of "Dragonzakura 2" - Spring 2021

Title: Dragonzakura 2 ドラゴン桜2
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 25 April 2021
Timeslot: Sundays 9pm
Broadcast by: TBS
Original manga by: Mita Norifusa
Cast: Abe Hiroshi, Nagasawa Masami, Takahashi Kaito, Minami Sara, Hirate Yurina, Kato Seishiro, Suzuka Ouji, Shida Sara, Hosoda Kanata, Nishiyama Jun, Nishigaki Sho, Yoshida Mizuki, Uchimura Haruka, Yamada Kinuo, Ken, Tsurugasaki Yoshiaki, Sano Hayato, Sagiri Seina, Yamazaki Ginnojo, Kiba Katsumi, Eguchi Noriko & Oikawa Mitsuhiro

Preview of "Koi wa Deep ni" - Spring 2021

Title: Koi wa Deep ni / 恋はDeepに
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official LINE: here
Official TikTok: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 14 Apr 2021
Timeslot: Wednesdays 10pm
Broadcast by: NTV
Theme Song: "Kaitou" by back number
Cast: Ishihara Satomi, Ayano Go, Imada Mio, Watanabe Keisuke, Fujimori Shingo, Takahashi Tsutomu, Kakei Miwako, Mizusawa Shingo, Fukuyama Shodai, Matsukuma Tsurumatsu, Hashimoto Jun, Ootani Ryohei & Kaga Takeshi

Monday, April 12, 2021

Preview of "Omameda Towako to sannin no moto otto" - Spring 2021

Title: Omameda Towako to sannin no moto otto / Hi (Omameda Towako and her three ex-husbands)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official LINE: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 13 April 2021
Timeslot: Tuesdays 9pm
Broadcast by: Kansai TV / FujiTV
Theme Song: "Presence Ⅰ feat. KID FRESINO" by STUTS & Matsu Takako with 3exes
Cast: Matsu Takako, Okada Masaki, Kakuta Akihiro, Matsuda Ryuuhei, Ichikawa Mikako, Takahashi Maryjun, Yuge Tomohisa, Hirano Kirari, Hoshi Moeka, Raiku, Toyoshima Hana, Ishibashi Shizuka, Ishibashi Natsumi, Takiuchi Kumi, Kondo Yoshimasa & Iwamatsu Ryo

Preview of "Sakura no Tou" - Spring 2021

Title: Sakura no Tou 桜の塔 (The Tower of Cherry Blossoms)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 15 April 2021
Timeslot: Thursdays 9pm
Broadcast by: TV Asahi
Theme Song: "sha la la la" by Miyamoto Hiroji
Cast: Tamaki Hiroshi, Hirosue Ryoko, Okada Kenshi, Morisaki Win, Watanabe Daichi, Baba Tooru, Imoto Ayaka, Okabe Takashi, Komatsu Kazushige, Hasegawa Tomoharu, Komakine Ryusuke, Seki Tomokazu, Kobayashi Masahito, Naka Riisa, Hashimoto Jun, Takaoka Saki, Danta Yasunori, Mitsuishi Ken, Yoshida Kotaro & Shiina Kippei

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Preview of "Konto ga hajimaru" - Spring 2021

Title: Konto ga hajimaru コントが始まる (The conte begins)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official LINE: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 17 April 2021
Timeslot: Saturdays 10pm
Broadcast by: NTV
Theme Song: "Ai wo shiru madewa" by Aimyon
Cast: Suda Masaki, Arimura Kasumi, Nakano Taiga, Furukawa Kotone, Kamiki Ryuunosuke, Suzuki Kousuke, Matsuda Yuuki, Asumi Rio, Ono Rina & Yonekura Reia

Preview of "Kikazaru koi niwa riyuu ga atte" - Spring 2021

Title: Kikazaru koi niwa riyuu ga atte 着飾る恋には理由があって (There is a reason for a dressed-up romance)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official LINE: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 20 April 2021
Timeslot: Tuesdays 10pm
Broadcast by: TBS
Theme Song by: Hoshino Gen
Cast: Kawaguchi Haruna, Yokohama Ryuusei, Natsukawa Yui, Maruyama Ryuuhei, Nakamura An, Iio Kazuki, Yamashita Mizuki, Takahashi Fumiya, Akapen Takigawa & Mukai Osamu

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Preview of "Renai Mangaka" - Spring 2021

Title: Renai Mangaka レンアイ漫画家 (Romance Manga Artist)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 8 Apr 2021
Timeslot: Thursdays 10pm
Broadcast by: FujiTV
Original manga by: Yamasaki Sayaka
Theme Song: "Kataware" by Sato Chiaki
Opening Theme: "ZENSHiN ZENREi" by BiSH
Cast: Suzuki Ryohei, Yoshioka Riho, Maeda Goudon, Iwata Ryuusei, Konishi Sakurako, Shiraishi Shunya, Matsudai Kouya, Okudaira Daiken, Ryuusei Ryo, Kinami Haruka & Kataoka Ainosuke

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Preview of "Tokusou 9 Season 4" - Spring 2021

Title: Tokusou 9 Season 4 / 特捜9シーズン4 (Special Investigation Unit Season 4)
Official website: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 7 April 2021
Timeslot: Wednesdays 9pm
Broadcast by: TV Asahi
Theme Song: "Bokura wa mada" by V6
Cast: Inohara Yoshihiko, Hada Michiko, Tsuda Kanji, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Taguchi Hiromasa, Yamada Yuuki, Miyachika Kaito, Nakagoshi Noriko, Hara Sachie & Nakamura Baijaku

Preview of "Nemesis" - Spring 2021

Title: Nemesis ネメシス
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
Official YouTube: here
O.A. Start Date: 11 April 2021
Timeslot: Sundays 10.30pm
Broadcast by: NTV
Cast: Hirose Suzu, Sakurai Sho, Eguchi Yosuke, Ooshima Yuko, Ueda Tatsuya, Katsuji Ryo, Nakamura Aoi, Tomita Miu, Mishima Ayona, Hashimoto Kanna, Ishiguro Ken, Yamazaki Hirona, Maki Youko & Nakamura Tooru etc.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Preview of "Rikokatsu" - Spring 2021

Title: Rikokatsu リコカツ
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 16 Apr 2021
Timeslot: Fridays 10pm
Broadcast by: TBS
Theme Song: "Pale Blue" by Yonezu Kenshi
Cast: Kitagawa Keiko, Nagayama Eita, Takahashi Mitsuomi, Shirasu Jin, Ohno Ito, Tanabe Momoko, Nakata Kurumi, Matsunaga Tenma, Nakayama Masei, Matsukawa Akari, Sugawara Takuma, Ikeda Dai, Yoshida Ryouya, Shibata Yuuki, Natsuno Kotoko, Hiraiwa Kami, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Sakou Yoshi, Mitsuishi Kotono & Sano Shiro

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Preview of "Ichikei no Karasu" - Spring 2021

Title: Ichikei no Karasu イチケイのカラス (The Crow of Ichikei)
Official website: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 5 April 2021
Timeslot: Mondays 9pm
Broadcast by: FujiTV
Original manga by: Asami Rito
Cast: Takenouchi Yutaka, Kuroki Haru, Arata Mackenyu, Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Sakurai Yuki, Mizutani Kaho, Nakamura Baijaku, Masu Takeshi, Kusakari Tamiyo & Kohinata Fumiyo

Preview of "Okehazama Oda Nobunaga Haou no Tanjou" (Drama SP)

Title: Okehazama Oda Nobunaga Haou no Tanjou / 桶狭間 織田信長 覇王の誕生 (Okehazama Oda Nobunaga The Birth of an Overlord)
Official website: here
O.A. Start Date: 26 March 2021 at 9pm
Broadcast by: FujiTV
Theme Song: "shining" by Miyamoto Hiroji
Cast: Ichikawa Ebizo, Mikami Hiroshi, Hirose Suzu, Nakao Akiyoshi, Takenaka Naoto, Kitamura Kazuki, Mikata Ryousuke, Suzuka Ouji, Horii Arata, Ichikawa Botan, Horikoshi Kangen, Matsuda Ryuuhei, Kuroki Hitomi & Sato Koichi

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Preview of "Solokatsu joshi no susume" - Spring 2021

Title: Solokatsu joshi no susume ソロ活女子のススメ (Recommendations of a woman who enjoys solo activities)
Official website: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 2 Apr 2021
Timeslot: Fridays 12.52am
Broadcast by: TV Tokyo
Original essay by: Asai Mayumi
Theme Song: "Genius" by Sano ibuki
Ending theme song: "Herge" by Homecomings
Cast: Eguchi Noriko, Kobayashi Kinako, Shibuya Kento & Sasaki Haruka

Preview of "Koohii ikaga deshou" - Spring 2021

Title: Koohii ikaga deshou 珈琲いかがでしょう (How about having some coffee)
Official website: here
Official Instagram: here
Official Twitter: here
O.A. Start Date: 5 April 2021
Timeslot: Mondays 11.06pm
Broadcast by: TV Tokyo
Original manga by: Konari Misato
Opening theme song: "El Fuego" by Ozawa Kenji
Ending theme song: "CHAIN" by Nulbarich
Cast: Nakamura Tomoya, Kaho, Isomura Hayato & Mitsuishi Ken
Guests lineup (up to ep 3): Adachi Rika, Kanjiya Shihori, Yamada Anna, Usuda Asami, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Kote Shinya, Kakei Miwako, Takito Kenichi & Maruyama Tomomi

Preview of "Karei naru ichizoku" - Spring 2021

Title: Karei naru ichizoku 華麗なる一族 (The Grand Family)
Official website: here
O.A. Start Date: 18 April 2021 
Timeslot: Sundays 10pm
Broadcast by: WOWOW
Original novel by: Yamasaki Toyoko
Total number of episodes: 12
Cast: Nakai Kiichi, Mukai Osamu, Uchida Yuki, Fujigaya Taisuke, Asou Yumi, Yoshioka Riho, Matsumoto Honoka, Kaname Jun, Mimura Rie, Sasamoto Reina, Fukumoto Riko, Ishizaka Koji, Takashima Masanobu, Ishiguro Ken, Tanaka Rena, Kato Masaya, Kudo Asuka, Manda Hisako, Shinkawa Yua, Miyata Toshiya, Rokkaku Seiji, Komoto Masahiro, Nukumizu Yoichi, Horibe Keisuke, Inoue Hajime, Hosoda Yoshihiko, Nagashima Toshiyuki, Iida Kisuke, Hasegawa Hatsunori, Nakamura Ikuji, Ogura Hisahiro, Onodera Akira, Aijima Kazuyuki, Ibu Masato, Moro Morooka, Magy & Otoo Takuma

Thursday, April 01, 2021

All you want to know about Kabushikigaisha TOKIO / TOKIO Inc.

 As per my tweets and Facebook posts in the early hours of 1 April 2021, Kabushikigaisha TOKIO (株式会社TOKIO) i.e. TOKIO Inc. has begun operations by launching its official website, 2-min introductory corporate video and official Twitter page . I thought that it would be good for those who are interested in knowing more about the company and/or read some trivia related to it so here are some key points sourced from information on their website and the media. Of course, for more information, do keep a lookout on their official channels for further updates.

As a longtime TOKIO fan since 1996, I can't deny that it's a bit sad to see the changes from 5->4->3. However, just like what happened when ARASHI went on hiatus, I think the positivity out of this change actually exceeds whatever sadness I feel. In fact, in TOKIO's case, the group name, branding and the three of them still being engaged in group activities are what makes this a lot more bearable and uplifting. Looking at them smile with a vision for the future and seeing how there's so much potential for them to achieve beyond what they did as an idol group/band, I think the direction which TOKIO Inc. is heading towards might prove to be an example for future groups/artists to emulate as they reach the maturity stage of their careers.

- The official website was launched at midnight on 1 April 2021.

- The 2-min long introductory video was shot in Nihonbashi, the centre and business district of Tokyo, and Fukushima Prefecture which has long been regarded as the second hometown of TOKIO due to the amount of work they did in DASH-mura and DASH-jima for NTV's variety show "The Tetsuwan Dash!!". It features the trio walking along the street in Nihonbashi in suits (supposedly signaling a new step in life they have taken with the establishment of this company) and how they go to a forest in Fukushima to chop down a tree so as to get timber for their wooden namecards. 

- According to this article and TOKIO Inc., the 12mm-thick namecards are thicker than the usual paper versions and this thickness is a reflection and symbol of TOKIO's history to date. The front of the namecard shows the member's name and title in the company while the reverse shows the company's name and logo.

- The logo designed by the company is made up of three wooden logs bound together by three red strings so this represents the three members of TOKIO. The red colour on the logo was personally painted by the members.

- The Fukushima Prefectural Government announced on its website today that a TOKIO section has been set up within the government office's Planning and Coordination Division which is in charge of promoting Fukushima Prefecture. The section will be the concierge/link between the division and TOKIO Inc. as both sides collaborate on the prefecture's PR activities through the new project titled "Fukushima wo tanoshinde morau" (Enjoy Fukushima).

- The motto of the company reflects a change in stance from "Do it yourself" to "Do it ourselves" i.e. calling everyone to join TOKIO in participating in their activities.

- The 5 letters of TOKIO now stand for i.e. Team -> Oneness -> Knot -> Idea -> Ours. It means becoming a TEAM now to become ONE, with a firm KNOT in our hearts and pondering over IDEAs so that we can make the future OURS.

- The website has greeting messages from the president Joshima Shigeru, vice-president cum planning director Kokubun Taichi and vice-president cum PR director Matsuoka Masahiro where they talk largely about tapping on their experience over the years to spread awareness of what they know so that this contributes to creating new skills and knowledge useful for the future. They also mention the importance of being hands-on with what they are going to create in future.

- The website talks about the three pillars of their business concept being: spreading awareness of the things created nationwide, forming collaborations and creating things with the people they are involved with. 

- The section calling upon everyone to join TOKIO in their activities is still under construction though so it remains to be seen how they plan to involve the public in this aspect.