Monday, October 09, 2017

Fujiwara Tatsuya to appear in new FujiTV drama SP "Yo ni mo kimyou na monogatari Autumn 2017 SP"

Fujiwara Tatsuya will be appearing in the new FujiTV drama SP "Yo ni mo kimyou na monogatari Autumn 2017 SP" which will be shown at 9pm on 14 October. This will be his first appearance in this series.

In the story titled "Yoru no koe" (The voice of the night) based on the manga by Tezuka Osamu, Fujiwara plays the role of Wagahori Eiichi who is the CEO of a big IT company and known for his ruthless ways and tendency to fire people without a care. In order to relieve stress, he adopts an unusual method of impersonating as a homeless man and stays overnight outdoors in a "house" made from cardboxes. One day, a woman named Yuri (Iitoyo Marie) takes refuge in his cardbox house when she is chased by a group of men and ends up staying there for good. However, Wagahori hides his identity as a CEO while taking care of Yuri and feelings develop between them. He then suggests that she apply for a job at his company so that he can propose to her when she enters his company but things do not turn out as planned...

Fujiwara said that this story does not talk about the struggles of a successful man but rather describes his desires to experience a world different from his usual environment by shutting out his normal life. Through this unusual experience, Wagahori then realises the issues he has deep within himself and tries to pursue a different life which unwittingly leads to his own destruction. Fujiwara commented that he had a lot of fun acting in this drama adapted from an old manga of Tezuka and hoped that viewers will enjoy watching this story.

Source: Oricon

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