Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dealing with the content thieves

It's been extremely frustrating and time-consuming to deal with the content thieves. Even after raising the alarm or contacting the offending parties, they are still doing it. In particular, that Kawata Hina blog is stealing my content so blatantly that I find my posts reproduced in full there within 5 minutes of my post here. And it looks like other sites are also victims of that blog. It infuriates me especially I may have spent more than 10 minutes on that single post.

I am trying various ways to deal with this. For the time being, you may notice some differences in the format of how my posts appear on the blog. That is because I notice that some of these content thieves are using the RSS feeds to reproduce my stuff automatically so this probably explains why the copy and paste block I implemented did not stop the theft. As such, I have to introduce other measures to stop this so I need to assess the effectiveness before deciding on the approach going forward.

I hate having to do this because it increases my work and stops me from enjoying what I'm doing here. It also frustrates me to do with these shameless content thieves who don't want to stop even when exposed. Not to mention that there's no apology coming from them. Seriously, if you can't write anything of your own, you don't deserve to have a blog in your name which contains information stolen from other people. Totally no respect for the hard work that people put in! However, these people have no sense of shame, they continue doing it as if they are justified in stealing from others. As such, there is no point being cordial towards them anymore.

In the meantime, as I try to deal with this situation, I seek your kind understanding. In addition, I welcome any reports of offending websites or blogs or forums which are stealing my stuff so please feel free to contact me via the blog's comments section or the Facebook or Twitter pages.


junny said...

I just went to check the Kawata Hina blog. It stole the "Preview of Rikuou" article, but now it's smarter and has added a copyright to you and tried to link to your blog (but the link failed).

Did you report this blog to Blogger, and did it get back to you?

Chiaki said...

Hi junny, I was the one who added that footnote to my posts because I wanted to show that the post originated from me. However, the link back to my blog was replaced against my own will by that Kawata Hina blog with its URL.

I reported this to Blogger but there has been total silence from them so far. I tried to raise a legal request to remove that blog but couldn't even find the form to do so as it was sending me going round in circles. Not very helpful, I would say. That's why I decided to take things into my hands and see what I can do to prevent the theft.

The copy and paste blog didn't seem to work on Kawata Hina so I had to resort to doing something about the RSS feeds. It seems to prevent part of the Rikuou post from showing up at that side so I am trying now to block the entire post from showing up there. That's why I had to send a notification in case people were wondering why my posts are showing up differently now.

Anonymous said...

I think things may be working. I just went to that blog. They tried to steal the Onna Taiga Wrap-up article, but there is no text or photo. The "Read more" link gets an error. But you copyright notice is still there. LOL.

I am sorry that you have to waste time with this crap.