Sunday, October 29, 2017

First-day-screening event of new movie "Tsuki to Kaminari"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Tsuki to Kaminari" was held at Theatre Shinjuku on 7 October which was attended by the director Ando Hiroshi and cast members Hatsune Eriko, Koura Kengo and Kusakari Tamiyo. The film which is based on the same-titled novel by Kakuta Mitsuyo, features Hatsune as the lead character Yasuko who had lived with her late father's lover Naoko (Kusakari) and her son Satoshi (Koura) when she was a child. Years later when Yasuko and Satoshi have become adults, they reunite which changes her ordinary and peaceful life drastically.

When asked about their impressions about the director, Hatsune said that the filming period had been so enjoyable and that she had never come across anyone who had so much fun directing. On the other hand, Koura commented that the director valued the views of every department and treated them with respect while being strict about what he wanted. The two of them also commented about the director smoking too much on the set until he was coughing. Hatsune advised him to quit smoking while Koura joked that the director should continue which led Ando to pledge to quit smoking before 2020.

As for Kusakari whose character Naoko always appears with a dirty and rough image, she deliberately dressed up for the first-day-screening event and said that she wanted to show everyone that this is actually how she looks like usually. This led the audience to laugh at her comment.


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I was wondering where can I watch this online. I've searched high and low on this movie - not even a review (except yours) has been discussed :((((