Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Author of "Hana Yori Dango" denies rumours of a new real-life adaptation drama for the manga

Kamio Yoko, the author of popular manga "Hana Yori Dango", commented on her Twitter account that the rumours of a new real-life adaptation drama are totally untrue. Kamio said that she usually does not address such fake rumours but having been flooded with requests by fans who are asking her to stop such a new adaptation, she finally decided that she had to make this clear and expressed her bewilderment as to where the rumours came from.

Recently, some news websites had been reporting that there is going to be a new adaptation drama starring Hirose Suzu as the lead character Makino Tsukushi thus leading to fervent speculation from fans on both sides of the camp.

Source: Nikkansports


I'm glad that Kamio had spoken up to quash those rumours. The moment I first heard of the rumours, I cringed at the idea. To me, it's not so much about who is playing which character but the overall idea of a remake sent shivers down my spine.

For one, I absolutely think that it's a bad idea to do a remake. Even for those who haven't watched the numerous versions of "Hana Yori Dango", be it from Japan, Taiwan or South Korea, I'm sure that you know the story extremely well. Then why is there a need to do a repeat of the same story when we already know what to expect?

Honestly speaking, as I didn't like the story very much, when the manga, Japanese anime and the Taiwanese or Korean drama versions came out, I watched none of these versions. When the Japanese drama version came out, I watched it for some strange reason. Maybe it was the way they handled the material especially when it came to showcasing the rich lifestyles of F4 which was extremely eye-catching and believable. Or perhaps it was the acting of the cast which got me hooked especially Inoue Mao. Considering the fact that I didn't know much about Inoue then, I didn't quite like Matsujun's acting (I still have reservations about him today) and I hated such love stories, it was a wonder that I finished both dramas and the movie. I admit it, I probably watched it for the cast more than for the story.

Whoever has the guts to do another remake as famous as this must be prepared to face a lot of criticism from fans who love the cast lineup from the Japanese drama version. And no matter who you choose to join the cast, there are bound to be people who are dissatisfied.

Which brings me to this question, do you think there is any original novel or manga which should not have a remake anymore because they have been done too many times?

For me, the top answer in my mind will be "Itazura Na Kiss". Nobody can beat the combination of Sato Aiko and Kashiwabara Takashi as Kotoko and Naoki in my opinion. Although it's been more than 20 years since the 1996 version, I still haven't changed my mind so that's why I absolutely detest it when I hear that a new version is made again. Just leave this alone, for heavens' sake!


alfred reyes said...

I did like the anime and japanese version too! But I do agree on this one, can they just leave this alone? It's enough and they just want to build up Suzu which I think doesn't need it already. hehe

Tia said...

Oh yeah Itazura na Kiss definitely! And of course, the 2011 Hana Kimi remake should never have happened, especially when it was only 4 years since the first Hana Kimi and people will always love the casting of Horikita Maki-Oguri Shun-Ikuta Toma the most.

Anonymous said...

Kimi wa Petto should've never been remade. The one starring Jun & Koyuki can't be beaten. The new one looked cheap

Anonymous said...

The japanese version is my all time favorite version of the story. Why is it my all time favorite? In large part it’s because of Matsumoto Jun. He’s gorgeous, annoying, scary, and at the same time he leaves you utterly smitten. And these are just a few reasons why I like Matsumoto Jun.

Anonymous said...

MatsuJun is one of my favorite japanese actors. I really loved his role as Doumyouji Tsukasa in Hanadan. As Tsukasa, he really had me laughing and crying. Such a great actor!!!

Chiaki said...

Hi Tia, I haven't watched the later HanaKimi in full but caught a few glimpses of it while channel-surfing. Wasn't impressed to stay on and watch it till the end.

As for Kimi wa Petto, it was also the same for me i.e. did not watch the later version in full. I think Matsujun and Koyuki did very well in the original series so the later version had very big shoes to fill.