Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Eita & Sato Eriko to be double leads in new movie "Ringside Story"

Eita and Sato Eriko will be joint leads in the new movie "Ringside Story" which will be shown in cinemas from 14 October. The movie directed by Take Masaharu, features Sato as Enoshima Kanako who is living with her boyfriend of 10 years Murakami Hideo (Eita), a struggling actor. When she gets fired from the bento factory she works at, she becomes a staff member in the professional wrestling group WRESTLE-1 and becomes deeply drawn to the sport. On the other hand, Hideo who is literally sponging off Kanako, misunderstands that she is seeing someone else when Kanako gets too engrossed in her new job and he causes a very serious incident as a result of his jealousy. Co-stars include wrestlers Muto Keiji, Kuroshio Jiro, K-1 world champion Takeru, Arizono Yoshiki, Tanaka Yoji, Ito Shunsuke, Nao, Maeno Tomoya, Tsunogae Kazue, Kondo Yoshimasa and Yo Kimiko.


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