Saturday, September 23, 2017

Guest stars line-up of new WOWOW & Hulu drama "Cote d' Azur No.10" announced

The guest stars line-up of new WOWOW & Hulu drama "Cote d' Azur No.10" has been announced. WOWOW will be showing 5 episodes from 20 November in the Mondays 12 midnight timeslot while Hulu will show the remaining 4 episodes from 28 November on every Tuesday. Each episode will be 30 minutes-long and features the two of them playing different characters every time such as friends who meet at another friend's funeral, a pair of private detectives, a social dance teacher and student and a guitar player and regular customer at a bar.

The list of the episodes and the guest stars are as follows:

20 November - Ep 1: Mukashi no tomodachi (Friend from the past) - Matsu Takako
27 November - Ep 2: Shinonome (Daybreak) - Kaneko Nobuaki
4 December - Ep 3: Ongaeshi (In return for kindness) - Bengaru
11 December - Ep 4: Sentimental Journey - Emoto Tokio
18 December - Ep 5: Hakucho Dance Academy (White Bird Dance Academy) - Mitsuishi Ken

28 November - Ep 1: Aru bukken (One particular property) - Katagiri Hairi
5 December - Ep 2: Undoujo (Sports Stadium) - Kana & Sasaki Haruka
12 December - Ep 3: Snack Arigasaki (Snack bar Arigasaki) - Kudo Kankuro & Ise Shima
19 December - Ep 4: Bench ni te (At the bench) - Motai Masako

Sources: / Oricon / Natalie

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