Monday, September 11, 2017

Amuro Namie to sing the theme song for TBS Autumn 2017 drama "Kangoku no ohimesama"

Amuro Namie will be singing the theme song for TBS Autumn 2017 drama "Kangoku no ohimesama" starring Koizumi Kyoko which will begin its run from October 2017 in the Tuesdays 10pm timeslot. The release date of the theme song titled "Showtime" is undecided and marks the first collaboration between Amuro and Koizumi and Kudo Kankuro who is the scriptwriter for this drama.

Amuro commented that the offer to sing the theme song came from the TV station and she was very honoured to be given the chance to do  so. The song uses the theme of "showtime" to represent the revenge plan featured in the drama and is a feminine up-tempo pop tune. As such, she hoped that this song will be able to help in boosting the atmosphere of the drama.

The drama is a comedy set in a female's prison about 5 women prisoners and their warden who get together to take revenge on a certain man. The story begins in the present when 5 women get together to abduct a handsome company president for the sake of taking revenge for one of them. However, things do not proceed as they imagined and there are many hiccups along the way. It is then revealed that these women had already planned this six years ago when they met in a female's prison. Koizumi plays the lead character Baba Kayo, a career woman who had a younger husband and a child but stabbed him out of anger when she found out that he was having an affair. As a result, she is serving a 5-year sentence for the conviction of attempted murder. Kanno Miho plays a charismatic housewife Katsuda Chinatsu who was caught for tax evasion and is regarded as the leader among the female inmates while Sakai Maki plays Daimon Yoko who resorted to embezzlement and fraud to get money for the purpose of supporting her favourite actor. Kaho plays Edogawa Shinobu who is the daughter of a dairy products manufacturing company's president and was framed for the killing of the vice president's lover and Morishita Aiko plays Adachi Akemi who took the rap for her gangster husband and ended up in jail for possession of illegal drugs. Mitsushima Hikari rounds up the cast as the female prisoners' strict warden Wakai Futaba who has a strong sense of justice and later participates in the revenge plot.

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