Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Otoha to appear in TBS Autumn 2017 drama "Kangoku no Ohimesama" as Iseya Yusuke's wife

Otoha will be appearing in the upcoming TBS Autumn 2017 drama "Kangoku no Ohimesama" starring Koizumi Kyoko which will begin its run from 17 October in the Tuesdays 10pm timeslot. This will be her first appearance in a drama in 11 years since the 2006 NHK Taiga drama "Komyou ga tsuji" and her first regular drama series since she became a mother.

The drama is a comedy set in a female's prison about 5 women prisoners and their warden who get together to take revenge on a certain man. The story begins in the present when 5 women get together to abduct a handsome company president for the sake of taking revenge for one of them. However, things do not proceed as they imagined and there are many hiccups along the way. It is then revealed that these women had already planned this six years ago when they met in a female's prison. Koizumi plays the lead character Baba Kayo, a career woman who had a younger husband and a child but stabbed him out of anger when she found out that he was having an affair. As a result, she is serving a 5-year sentence for the conviction of attempted murder. Kanno Miho plays a charismatic housewife Katsuda Chinatsu who was caught for tax evasion and is regarded as the leader among the female inmates while Sakai Maki plays Daimon Yoko who resorted to embezzlement and fraud to get money for the purpose of supporting her favourite actor. Kaho plays Edogawa Shinobu who is the daughter of a dairy products manufacturing company's president and was framed for the killing of the vice president's lover and Morishita Aiko plays Adachi Akemi who took the rap for her gangster husband and ended up in jail for possession of illegal drugs. Mitsushima Hikari rounds up the cast as the female prisoners' strict warden Wakai Futaba who has a strong sense of justice and later participates in the revenge plot. Iseya Yusuke will be playing a baddie named Itabashi Goro, the handsome company president who the main characters want to abduct.

Otoha will be playing Harumi, the wife of Itabashi, and supports her husband wholeheartedly until their only son gets embroiled in the abduction. Otoha commented that she was very happy to be able to reunite with the staff and director who she had worked with before and that they were very welcoming of her. Although it had been almost 11 years since she focused entirely on raising her child, she didn't feel that so much time had passed. Since this is her second time participating in a Kudo Kankuro work, she is eagerly anticipating how the drama will turn out and believes that everyone, regardless of age, will enjoy the story with its mix of comical and thought-provoking elements.

Source: Oricon

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