Friday, May 05, 2017

"Kodoku no Gurume Season 6" & "Tsuribaka nisshi Shinnyuu shain Hamasaki Densuke" to have first collaboration project

TV Tokyo's Spring 2017 dramas "Kodoku no Gurume Season 6" and "Tsuribaka nisshi Shinnyuu shain Hamasaki Densuke" will be having their first collaboration project where the cast members will appear in each other's dramas. In the 5th May episode of "Kodoku no Gurume" Hamada Gaku who plays Hamasaki Densuke, will be making a guest appearance to have revolving belt sushi with Goro-san (Matsushige Yutaka). Likewise, Matsushige will do the same in the 26th May episode of "Tsuribaka nisshi" where he goes to the restaurant operated by Hirose Arisu and eats with Hamada and Nishida Toshiyuki's characters.

Hamada commented that he is very happy to be able to appear in "Kodoku no Gurume" as Hamasaki Densuke and that Matsushige had been very gentle and accommodating towards him. On the other hand, Matsushige said that this is the first time that he is appearing in another drama as Goro-san who usually moves around on his own, he is excited about interacting with other people this time.

Sources: Oricon / Sanspo

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