Monday, May 29, 2017

Eikura Nana & Yasuda Ken to play a married couple in new movie "Ie ni kaeruto tsuma ga kanarazu shindafuri wo shiteimasu"

Eikura Nana and Yasuda Ken will be playing a married couple in the new movie "Ie ni kaeruto tsuma ga kanarazu shindafuri wo shiteimasu" (My wife is always pretending to be dead when I return home) which marks the third time they are working together. The movie is based on a question raised by an user of Yahoo! Chiebukuro with the nickname K.Kajunsky in 2010 with regard to his wife's strange behaviour of pretending to be dead whenever he returns home. To date, the question had been viewed more than 4 million times and there are more than 1,700 answers posted. The content had also been made into an original song sung by Hatsune Miku and adapted to become a comic essay. The movie which was filmed last summer, will be shown in spring next year.

Yasuda plays a salaryman Jun who is shocked to find Chie, his wife of 3 years, (Eikura) slumped at the hallway of his house with blood flowing out of her mouth. Flustered by this sight, Jun tries to carry Chie out to seek treatment but finds out that what he thought was blood is actually ketchup and she feigned her death. Without an idea as to why she is doing this, Jun finds out that Chie keeps repeating this antic by trying different ways of "dying" such as being eaten by a crocodile, shot by a gun or having an arrow pierced through her head. Initially, Jun feels that Chie is being silly but gradually starts to worry that something is very wrong with her. Co-stars include Koide Keisuke and Nono Sumika who play another married couple aware of what is going on between Jun and Chie.

With regard to her character, Eikura commented that Chie is a person who uses unique words and expresses herself in a very different way but may be seen as clumsy by others. However, when her behaviour is viewed from the perspective of her relationship with her husband, viewers may find that there is logic in why she is doing those things. As for working with Yasuda again after the NHK morning drama "Hitomi" and movie "Watashi no Hawaii no arukikata", she admitted that she felt shy about playing a married couple with him even though they are quite familiar with each other. On the other hand, Yasuda said that he was glad to meet Eikura again after a long while. Although he cannot give the details, Yasuda hopes that the viewers will be able to develop their own ideas about the theme of marriage after watching this movie.

Meanwhile, K.Kajunsky revealed that he never thought that something happening in his home could become a movie one day so he's feeling surprised and embarrassed at the same time. However, he is worried whether his wife would be able to sit through the film although everyone other than her would probably enjoy watching it.

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