Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Matsuzaka Toori to star in new real-life adaptation movie "Shounen" as a call boy

Matsuzaka Toori will be starring in the new real-life adaptation movie "Shounen" (Call Boy) which is based on the same-titled Naoki Award nominee novel by Ishida Ira. The movie will be directed by Miura Daisuke who directed the stage play version in August last year also featuring Matsuzaka as the lead. Due to the sexual references in the story, the stage play got a R-15 rating but still managed to sell out during its run. For the movie version, the movie company will go out to present the story in its entirety without cutting down on the sexual references thus it is likely to earn it a restricted rating again.

The story features the lead character Morinaka Ryo (Matsuzaka)who is bored with his life as an university student and works without an aim in his part-time job at a bar. One day, his friend from junior high Tajima Shinya who works as a host, brings his customer Midou Shizuka to the bar where Ryo works at. Although Ryo is disinterested in love and women, he accepts the challenge by Shizuka to work at the secret members-only boys' club "Le Club Passion" which she owns. Although Ryo is at a loss as to what to do at first, he gradually comes to realise the depth and strength of the desires hidden in the female customers he comes across and finds meaning in his job as a call boy. In addition, he finds himself falling for Shizuka who is much older than him.

Matsuzaka who turned 29 on 17 October, commented that acting in the stage play version of "Shounen" last year was a huge event in his career and he thought on the last day of the performance that he might never get to do something like this again and immerse himself so fully into a character. As such, when he got the offer to act in the movie, he was worried at first but hoped to be able to show things in the movie which he couldn't do in the stage play. Matsuzaka also revealed that the director had told him before the filming that the making of the movie version was like a finale to the adaptation of Ishida's novel. Now that the filming had wrapped up, he finally understood what the director meant especially after he had devoted himself fully to the portrayal of his character. As such, he hoped that women in particular should watch this movie.

"Shounen" will be shown in cinemas from spring 2018.

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