Saturday, November 11, 2017

First episode satisfaction ranking for Autumn 2017 dramas (TV Watcher)

TV Watcher released a ranking where respondents were asked to give scores to the first episodes of Autumn 2017 dramas based on their satisfaction level after watching the first episodes. The full score is 5 while anything above 3.7 is considered high satisfaction. Note that only dramas shown in the 9pm and 10pm timeslots were considered in this ranking. Numbers in brackets indicate the score for the drama concerned:

1) Kounodori 2 (4.05)

2) Rikuou (3.98)

3) Doctor X 5 (3.92)

4) Aibou 16 / Okusama wa, toriatsukai chuui (3.72)

6) Ashita no Yakusoku (3.67)

7) Keiji Yugami (3.62)

8) Minshuu no Teki (3.50)

9) Ima kara anata wo kyouhaku shimasu (3.34)

10) Kangoku no Ohimesama (3.33)

11) Saki ni umaretadake no boku (3.14)

Source: TV Watcher


Tia said...

Thanks as always!

Doesn't Oricon also usually release something similar?

Chiaki said...

I remember Oricon has this too but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Maybe it hasn't been announced yet?

beth said...

Dear Chiaki, thank you for the article :-) I'm new to your blog but even only after a brief look, I'm amazed by your dedication. I mean, you probably write 4-6 articles a day. That's just ... insane. Do you mind to share some tips and tricks to build such a productive writing habit? Thank you and stay awesome :-D

With love...

Chiaki said...

Hi beth, thank you for your compliments and support for the blog. Well, there are days when I'm either too busy or tired after work to post so I can't say that I have any tricks or tips to share with you about posting consistently. I guess what has kept me going for the past 11 years is my passion for Japanese dramas and movies and the desire to share my passion with others.

Hope that you will continue to support the blog going forward!