Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hasegawa Hiroki to star in TBS New Year drama SP "Tochou Bakuha!"

Hasegawa Hiroki will be starring in the TBS New Year drama SP "Tochou Bakuha!" (Blow up the Metropolitan Government Building!) which will be shown at 9pm on 2 January 2018. Co-stars include Kikkawa Koji, Watabe Atsuro, Terajima Shinobu and Lily Frankie. The story is based on the same-titled novel published by Takashima Tetsuo in 2001 and describes a terror incident which happens in Tokyo. About 1,000 extras are expected to be participating in the filming to show the chaos on Tokyo's streets when the incident happens.

On Christmas Eve 2017, a large explosion rips through Shinjuku as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is blown up by terrorists. The visitors at its observatory are then taken as hostages by the terrorists responsible for the attack. Former Self-Defense Forces officer Hongo Yuji (Hasegawa) and his friend Vice-Minister of US Department of Defense Cain Takamura (Kikkawa) face off with M (Watabe), the leader of the international terrorist group IF who has abducted Hongo's wife and daughter. Hongo and Takamura infiltrate into the government building in a bid to resolve this incident as Ooike Yukiko (Terajima), the Tokyo Governor and Mizono Sakutaro (Lily), the Prime Minister oppose their plans to deal with IF which is trying to launch more attacks.

Hasegawa commented that the story focuses not just on the terror attacks but also on love between parent and child, married couples and the nobleness of friendships. As such, he hopes to experience these emotions through his character and show how people will make decisions when faced with a reality which they wouldn't want to face. As for Kikkawa, he described his co-star Hasegawa as someone with a cool and artistic feel and is eager to work with him. He also called upon the country's leaders to watch this drama which is one that would be gratifying in this time and age.

Watabe who plays the terrorist in this drama, said that he will work hard with his co-stars and staff to bring out the reality in this story. As for Terajima who plays a popular female politician, she commented that she could experience the significance and weight of being in a leadership role through this drama.

Sources: Eiga.com / Oricon

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