Thursday, June 22, 2017

DAIGO & Kawaei Rina to appear in new movie "Uso wo aisuru onna"

DAIGO and Kawaei Rina will be appearing in the new movie "Uso wo aisuru onna" starring Nagasawa Masami and Takahashi Issei directed by Nakae Kazuhito which will be shown in cinemas next year. In this love story with a tinge of mystery, Nagasawa plays Kawahara Yukari, a career woman working at a major beverage manufacturer who has been living with her medical intern boyfriend Koide Kippei (Takahashi) for the past 5 years and has plans to marry him soon. One day, Kippei collapses due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage and slips into a coma. To Yukari's surprise, when the police comes knocking on her door, she finds out that everything she has known about Kippei is a lie as his name, occupation, driving licence and family register are all fake. While trying to find out what kind of man she has loved, she heads to his supposed hometown on an island in the Setouchi Inland sea where she gets help from a private detective Kaibara Takumi played by Yoshida Kotaro to investigate the truth.

DAIGO will be playing Kimura (nickname Kimu) an unsociable hacker who is the subordinate of Kaibara and assists in the investigation on Kippei. He will be wearing a long wig and keeping a beard for the first time and revealed that he was worried whether he could blend into his role but was assured by the director and Nagasawa that he looked OK.

As for Kawaei, she will be playing Kokoha who is an university student dressed in Gothic and Lolita fashion and follows Kippei around like a stalker. Kawaei revealed that there is a scene where Nagasawa slapped her and joked that she was honoured that her first slap to date was from Nagasawa. There will be a scene where she kicks Yoshida Kotaro so she is eagerly anticipating how it will turn out in the movie.


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