Saturday, June 24, 2017

Aiba Masaki & Matsumoto Jun to appear in NTV drama SP "Bokura no Yuuki ~ Miman City 2017"

Arashi's Aiba Masaki and Matsumoto Jun will be appearing in the upcoming NTV drama SP "Bokura no Yuuki ~ Miman City 2017" starring KinKi Kids which will be shown on 21 July at 9pm. The drama SP is the sequel of the 1997 drama and marks the 20th anniversary of KinKi Kids' CD debut. At that time, Aiba and Matsumoto who were 14 years old, made their first appearance in a drama through this work. As the two of them have been doing mainly leading roles in recent years, this will be a rare chance to see them in supporting roles.

In the original science-fiction drama, Yamato (Koichi) and Takeru (Tsuyoshi) were part of a group of underage youths who lived a micro-organism outbreak which killed all the adults in a town named Makuhara and struggled to survive in the aftermath. Aiba played Akira who was a member of a delinquent group while Matsumoto played Mori, a teenager who dreamt of reuniting with his elder sister. In the SP set 20 years after the drama, Akira and Mori will return as adults to reunite with Yamato and Takeru.

Aiba commented that he is honoured to be able to participate in this 20th anniversary commemorative work and had fond memories of the drama as he just entered Johnny's Jimusho then and was struggling to learn how to act. Through the filming, he managed to learn the joys of being able to act in and produce a drama while looking at the KinKi Kids members. As for Matsumoto, he described the drama as a memorable work for him and said that he had learnt a lot from KinKi Kids at that time. He pledged to work hard in the SP so as to make a small contribution towards the success of this sequel.

It was also announced that in conjunction with the impending broadcast of the SP, the 10-episode drama series will be available for viewing via Hulu from 1 July. The DVD and Blu-ray versions of the drama will also be released for sale from 19 July.

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