Friday, June 09, 2017

Koide Keisuke announces indefinite break from acting due to scandal of drinking and having sex with an underage girl

Koide Keisuke announced his indefinite break from acting with effect from 8 June through a statement released by his agency in relation to a report in FRIDAY about him drinking alcohol with and having an "inappropriate relationship" with an underage girl. Here is a summary of what happened and the aftermath of this scandal and his career suspension:

The scandal
FRIDAY's article on 9 June which has since been confirmed by Koide himself and his agency to be true, reports that Koide was in Osaka for the filming of his NHK drama "Kamisama no Hitogoto" on 9 May. Photos of him behaving intimately with a 17-year-old girl nicknamed as A-san at a bar and singing karaoke were included in the report. A-san was also interviewed by FRIDAY about what happened that night.

Koide was drinking with 6 other people including men and women at the bar when his friend invited A-san to join them and it was made known to Koide then that she was only 17. Koide and A-san were playing games and drinking a type of liquer called Cocalero in shot glasses even though she was underage and should not have been allowed to drink. After drinking, the two went back to Koide's hotel room where they had sex 5 times despite A-san's objection and Koide did not use any contraceptives. When A-san commented that he was like Kano Eiko who was caught having sex with a 17-year-old senior high school student in January 2017, Koide replied that he was fully aware of this i.e. the fact he also had sex with a 17-year-old girl.

FRIDAY informed Koide's agency Amuse in the evening of 6 June about their upcoming report and asked for a confirmation from Koide who admitted that the facts in the report were true.

Koide's statement
In response to the scandal, Koide apologised for his thoughtless action which had caused a lot of trouble and worry to everyone around him. He also apologised to A-san for what he did. As an adult and someone who is a public figure, he had no excuses for his lack of self-awareness in behaving properly and his naiveness for creating such a big mess.As such, he is prepared for the criticism and punishment which will come his way and he will take up full responsibility for his actions.

Koide's agency Amuse's statement
Amuse released its statement on 9 June saying that as Koide's scandal involves a possible criminal case, they are currently in discussions with experts to find out the facts and analyse the possible legal repercussions. As such, they are unable to comment much on this matter until there is a further development in the situation. The agency apologised to A-san and promised to handle this situation with the utmost sincerity. They also apologised for their poor supervision of their artiste which had partly led to this situation.

In response to news of this scandal, Amuse's share price dropped by 3.53% to 3,010 yen which was 110 yen lower than the previous day. The agency's share price last suffered such high falls in July 2010 when Kuwata Keisuke announced that he was suffering from cancer and in September 2015 when Fukuyama Masaharu announced his marriage to Fukiishi Kazue.

What will happen to the works which Koide is or was involved in?
The impact of Koide's indefinite break is far-reaching as it does not involve new works only. Re-broadcasts of older dramas and movies are also affected as a result. Here is a list of the projects which have been impacted by this scandal so far:

- NHK's new drama "Kamisama kara hitogoto ~ Naniwa okyakusama soudanshitsu monogatari ~"
Originally scheduled to begin its run from 10 June, this drama has been taken off the broadcast schedule. Koide is the lead actor in this drama and the filming had been completed. As it is rare for an entire drama to be taken off the broadcast schedule just days before its OA due to an artiste's scandal, NHK is currently in negotiations with Amuse on compensation matters.
A re-run of NHK's "Bakumatsu Gurume Bushimeshi!" which was shown in January this year starring Seto Koji will be taking up the vacant timeslots.

- Movie "Nodame Cantabile Saishu Gakusho"
Originally planned to be re-broadcast on BS Premium on 24th and 29th June but has been cancelled. Another programme will be taking up the vacant slots.

- NTV's new Summer 2017 drama "Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa aru" starring Fukushi Souta
Koide has been removed from the cast line-up and preparations are underway to find a replacement. Koide's picture and name was removed from the cast list and map which were already on the drama's official website. He was supposed to have played Fukushi's elder brother in the drama.

- Netflix drama "Jimmy ~ Aho mitai na honma no hanashi"
Koide was one of the leads in this project produced by Akashiya Sanma and he plays Sanma in the drama. Negotiations are in progress on what to do about this drama which was said to have cost Yoshimoto Kogyo JPY 300 million yen to produce. There was a production press conference due to take place on 8 June which was cancelled due to this scandal. Jimmy who was also scheduled to hold an event to commemorate the release of the original book for this drama, had to cancel the event on 8 June.

- New movie "Ie ni kaeruto tsuma ga kanarazu shindafuri wo shiteimasu" starring Yasuda Ken & Eikura Nana
Filming had been completed and the movie is scheduled to be shown next year. However, as Koide plays a key supporting role in the movie, it will be difficult to delete his scenes.

- Morinaga Milk Industry has cancelled its CM deal for Mt. Rainier with Koide.

- BS-TBS documentary programme "Yume no Kagi"
Koide was the narrator for this programme and has been relieved of his duties.

- All past NHK dramas featuring Koide have been taken off NHK's on-demand streaming service. This includes dramas such as "Ume-chan Sensei", "Thrill! Aka no Sho" and "Yoshiwara Uradoushin".

What is likely to happen to Koide?
There is no criminal law regulating the drinking of alcohol with an underage person but having a sexual relationship with an underage person will be in violation of laws protecting those under the age of 18. Especially since he was believed to have taken the initiative in bringing the girl back to his hotel room and was aware of her age, even if the victim was willing, does not file a police report or is willing to settle for compensation, the police may still take action. There is also a likelihood of him being liable for rape charges if the girl was not a willing party.

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Anonymous said...

What a loss since he's a good actor (try watch N no Tameni after Nodame Cantabile). Another loss as this also affect his past work too.
But for a seconds, it slip my mind that may be he deliberately did that so he can leave acting (just my crazy thought).

That aside, I never understand how japan real worlds are so different than their dorama/manga world. It's not that I agree with adult have sex with underage, since I come from conservative background even pre-marital sex doesn't sit well with me. But just how many dorama/manga about student-teacher or high school girl-male celebrity relationship where they make sure to include smutty scene too! Forget high schooler, there are many about middle schooler having sex too. Doesn't it mean that somehow they indirectly encourage them to do that?
Not to mention that marriage between adult celebrity seems like a crime too.
So funny.


Chiaki said...

Hi Yukari, I just feel that he squandered his years of hard work overnight and has no one to blame but himself. He knew she was under 18 right from the start so there's really no excuse for sleeping with a girl of that age especially when there are legal repercussions.

On the other hand, there are some really nasty remarks online about the girl saying things like she should be thankful that Koike wanted to sleep with her and she should have run away before getting to the hotel room or even snide comments that she's ugly or not as "innocent" as her age suggests because she already has a child. Whether the girl has extensive sexual experience or not is not the key here. Even if she really did have the intention of laying a honey tray for Koike, it was he who willingly stepped into it. Blaming the victim doesn't make him less guilty in any way although I also see some weird contradictions here and there.

As for the contradiction between real and reel life, that's probably because reel life is supposed to be free and without inhibitions. Stories which challenge conventions, rules and common sense are thus well-liked in fiction because most of us cannot or would not attempt to do such things. Koike's example is probably not the first and the last but being a public figure and highly educated, he really needs to know where to draw the line because nobody can stop an adult from doing what he wants. Not even his agency or his parents.

The thing about pulling off dramas and movies because of such scandals is one which always saddens and angers me. Especially if that person plays just a supporting role, why should the whole thing be made unavailable to everyone just because he or she had done something wrong? Granted if it's something where the person is the lead, I can understand taking it off the airwaves for a while to avoid controversy but a permanent ban on such dramas and movies is too extreme.

Anonymous said...

Too bad since he is -was- one of my fav J-actors. Just the other weekend I watched "Surely Someday". Nevertheless, I wish I would never see him again in any dorama/movie. Sucks to waste such talent, but he should go to jail. He should not be forgiven for his crimes. I hope Amuse ends his contract with them. Rapists should not be forgiven!

Anonymous said...

The liqueur is Cocalero, by the way, not Kokareo. A South American drink made from coca leaves. It's meant to have some mild aphrodisiac quality. Pretty disgusting, actually.

junny said...

Have to say I was surprised about this. He really should have known better, especially since he knew the girl was underage. I wonder if charges will be filed.

Anonymous said...

Quite saddened by this. I enjoyed his work. However, he really brought it upon himself given that he knew her age. If he didn't, I may have given him the benefit of the doubt.

I am also frustrated by the immediate removal of his prior works. Viewers missing out on, say, Umechan Sensei, is a shame. It would be sad of other works like Boku no Kanojo wa Saibōgu were unavailable even though he's the lead. He's been in many dramas that I have enjoyed.

Lately there seem to be too many "retirements" due to scandal, marriage, or joining a cult. This coupled with all these idol "actresses" showing up lately is a very sad trend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chiaki,
That's why I got that crazy idea that he deliberately did that to "retire" from intertainment world as he should know well the implication of his action. Or say, he just make up that story while actually there's nothing happen that night (is there any eyewitness or record to prove on what happen inside his room?)
But if it's true, poor that girl since he basically use her and she still has to recieve those harsh comment from his hardcore fan. Did she file any police report? If he really rape her, she should do that (or she's affraid with his fans? hardcore fans sometimes do really make thing more complicated ��)
Well, I'm not his fan and he never really follow his work (he just happen to be in dorama/movie of my favorite actors) so it's not that I try to defend him nor to justify his action but may be it because I watch too many drama so my imagination just run wild. So, please don't take my comment to heart.
Although I have to admit that even if everything is true, I can still watch his past work. I never really care about actor personal life outside the camera; drama/movie is never about one actor only, there's director, writer, other actors, and crews who make it happen. So it's so unfair to blame the whole project just for one person. Even for my bias actor, if it's bad I'll say that it's bad and no chance for me to watch it again or even to finish it.

I just hope that the ban only apply for japan and his past work still can be accessed online. I mean it's so unfair for people not to get chance to watch Nodame Cantabile LA (and only know about it's k-adapsaster) or his early movie like Kisaragi (man, that movie is so hilarious). I mean, it was done long time ago and it's not even only about him.


Chiaki said...

Looks like the mud-slinging from Koide's side is starting. There are reports now saying that the girl asked for JPY 5m as hush money which Koide was prepared to pay if not for his agency stopping him from doing so after receiving word from FRIDAY. Well, the timing of this revelation seems to be a bid in manipulating public opinion and gives the impression that the girl's motive in sleeping with him was for money. Regardless of whether the girl was a willing party or if she had deliberately set a trap for Koide, the fact still remains that he willingly and knowingly made this mistake. Putting the girl in a bad light is not going to absolve him of his responsibility in this regard.

What disgusts me more is that on one hand, Koide is saying that he is sorry for what he did and on the other, his agency is quick to downplay the scandal by putting out information like this. If they had already given up on him, they should have fired him immediately like what happened to Hashizume Isao's son or Takahata Atsuko's son. OK, granted that the nature of the offence is different i.e. drugs vs. a sex scandal, one might argue that a drug offence is more serious. However, the dent to Koide's nice guy image as a result of the sex scandal is made worse by the fact that he got into trouble knowingly and had seen previous examples of people who did the same thing and had to pay for it with their careers.

Seeing that he is only subjected to an indefinite ban on his acting career, it's clear that Amuse wants to plot a comeback for him someday after the controversy dies down. Fair enough for them to do that since they must have invested lots of money for Koide to become who he is today. And they certainly need him to pay back for the potential damages caused by this scandal so writing him off will be a lost investment which they probably want to avoid.