Friday, June 30, 2017

Sagara Itsuki to be the guest star in the 2nd episode of NTV Summer 2017 drama "Nou ni sumaho ga umerareta"

Sagara Itsuki will be the guest star in the 2nd episode of NTV Summer 2017 drama "Nou ni sumaho ga umerareta" starring Ito Atsushi which will begin its run from 13 July in the Thursdays 11.59pm timeslot. This will be her first collaboration with Ito since they last played a married couple in the 2016 NHK morning drama "Toto Nee-chan".

The science-fiction drama is based on the book "Shin Kikaku Konshin no kikaku to hassou no te no uchi subete misemasu" by Suzuki Osamu which talks about the secrets behind the planning of hit TV programmes. Ito plays the lead character Orimo Keita who is a 34-year-old salaryman placed on the retrenchment list by his employer which is an apparel company. He is divorced and raising his 9-year-old daughter on his own. Having the power to see the messages sent and received by other people in his brain, he makes use of this to solve various problems, help others and become a better person while being embroiled in these troublesome issues at the same time. Shinkawa Yua will play the heroine Ryuuko who teaches him how to use the smartphone in his brain.

Sagara plays the role of Souma Miwa who works for a rival brand now and used to be Orimo's subordinate when they were working in the Osaka branch. A chance reunion marks the start of Souma's aggressive advances towards Orimo but it turns out that she has other men waiting in the sidelines.

Sagara said that as the cast had met up for meals after the end of the morning drama, it didn't feel like a long time since she last met Ito and that she felt secure having him around even though she didn't join the filming of this drama from the start. As for her character, Sagara said that it felt weird to be playing Miwa who twists Orimo around her little finger but the filming turned out to be fun and easy to do as she was familiar with Ito. However, the filming period was too short so she didn't get a chance to say goodbye properly to Ito who expressed his wish to work with Sagara again in future.

Source: Oricon

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