Friday, June 30, 2017

Ayano Go to return in TBS Autumn 2017 drama "Kounodori 2"

Ayano Go will be returning to reprise his role in the TBS Autumn 2017 drama "Kounodori 2" which will be shown from October this year in the Fridays 10pm timeslot. The cast from the original series shown in 2015 i.e. Matsuoka Mayu, Yoshida Yo, Sakaguchi Kentaro, Hoshino Gen, Seino Nana, Asano Kazuyuki, Eguchi Noriko and Oomori Nao will also be joining him in the sequel which is set two years after the end of the first series.

The drama based on the manga by Suzunoki Yuu is set in the gynecology department of a hospital and features Ayano as the lead character Kounotori Sakura, a gynecologist who goes about his work in a cool manner but cares for his patients as well. He also has a hidden side to him as a talented pianist by the name of BABY.

With regard to the sequel, Ayano expressed his joy especially since his co-stars are all of the leading actors and actresses level and it's rare to assemble such a star-studded cast. To meet the higher expectations of the viewers this time, they will try their best to produce a strong drama. He also revealed that he already got the news of the sequel's production about three or four months after the drama ended but it took that long before they could make the sequel due to scheduling conflicts of the cast members. However, Ayano felt that this gap could actually turn out for the better as they have all grown and improved in their careers within this period.

As for having to play the piano in the drama, Ayano said that he practised at home for a year after buying a piano but hasn't been playing since the drama ended. As such, when he tried to play the piano again recently, he found that he had pretty much lost his skills and has to start from scratch again by training under pianist Kiyozuka Shinya.

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