Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Takeuchi Yuko to be narrator for nature segment in NTV variety show "Tokoro-san no me ga dekai"

Takeuchi Yuko will be the new narrator for the long-term nature segment "Kagaku no sato" in the NTV variety show "Tokoro-san no me ga dekai" which is shown at 7pm on Sundays. The segment describes how a piece of wasteland measuring 2,000 tsubo was reclaimed and cultivated using natural energy and the knowledge of scientific experts since January 2015 to become a place fit for people to be self-sufficient in the countryside. Takeuchi will appear from the 4th October episode.

Nitori Toshiyuki, the producer of the programme, explained that they approached Takeuchi to be the narrator due to her steady and beautiful voice which will help the segment to reinforce their concepts to the viewers. The host, Tokoro George expressed surprise that Takeuchi took up the offer and joked that viewers will probably pay more attention to their programme's narration now that they can hear her voice. Meanwhile, Takeuchi commented that she enjoys the narration work since it feels as if she had been at the venue personally to experience what was done. Although she grows simple plants such as tomatoes and herbs at home, she said that it is still far from being self-sufficient so she hopes to get ideas on what she can do in future.

Source: Oricon

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