Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hasegawa Hiroki to play Kindaichi Kousuke in NHK drama SP "Gokumontou"

Hasegawa Hiroki will be playing Kindaichi Kousuke, the fictitious detective created by Showa era mystery novel author Yokomizo Seishi, in the upcoming NHK BS Premium drama SP "Gokumontou" (Hell's Gate Island) which will be shown on 19 November at 8pm. "Gokumontou" which features a series of murders which take place on a remote island in Setouchi, was first published as a novel in 1947 and had been adapted as two movies and four dramas to date.

In order to replicate the remote island setting featured in the novel, the staff and crew went to Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture for the filming where they had to bring various equipment there which are typically used in movies. Co-stars in this drama SP include Naka Riisa, Koichi Mantaro, Furuta Arata and Okuda Eiji.

Source: Oricon

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