Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kagawa Teruyuki to appear in NHK E TV's "Kagawa Teruyuki no Konchuu Sugoize! ~ Tonosamabatta ~"

Kagawa Teruyuki will be appearing in the upcoming NHK E TV's educational programme "Kagawa Teruyuki no Konchuu Sugoize! ~ Tonosamabatta ~" (Kagawa Teruyuki's insects are superb! ~ The migratory locust ~" which will be shown on 10 October at 9am. Kagawa has always been very interested in insects and had openly declared before that he wishes to do a programme on insects to be shown on NHK E TV. Finally, he gets his wish granted this time which will allow him to talk about insects for a good 30 minutes.

In the programme, Kagawa wears a mantis costume to play "Kamakiri-sensei" where he goes in search of the migratory locust which appears during autumn and is difficult to catch. Not only will he "battle" it out with the locust, he will also be suspended from a crane and attempt a jump from a height.

Kagawa revealed enthusiastically that what fascinates him so much about insects is how they live according to their instincts. In this current era where many people including children hide behind the facades of their mobile phones to hide their weak self, he wants to let these people see how insects live as he always gets inspiration on how to live his life through these little creatures.

Source: Oricon

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