Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tabloid "Shuukan SCOOP!" featuring Fukuyama Masaharu on the cover to be released on 30 September

In conjunction with the impending screening of new movie "SCOOP!" starring Fukuyama Masaharu from 1 October, the fictitious tabloid which appears in the movie i.e. "Shuukan SCOOP!" will be released with Fukuyama as the cover person on 30 September. There will be 100,000 copies of the magazine available for sale at 420 yen each which is produced by the editorial department of "Shuukan SPA!" and managed by the movie's director Ohne Hitoshi. Besides a 12-page long interview of Fukuyama, there will also be interviews of the cast members Nikaidou Fumi, Yoshida Yo, Takito Kenichi, Lily Frankie, a chat between Ohne and the chief editor of "Shuukan Bunshun", group discussion of current tabloid reporters who have their identities hidden as well as special features and photos of gravure idols.

The new movie is based on the 1985 movie "Tousha 1/250 byo" written and directed by Harada Masato which describes the story of how the photographers and reporters of tabloids work to get exclusive scoops on various topics such as scandals of celebrities and society cases. Fukuyama plays a very skilled cameraman who had uncovered many sensational scoops in the past while his partner who is a newbie reporter is played by Nikaidou.

Source: Oricon

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