Friday, September 16, 2016

Filming ends for TV Asahi Summer 2016 drama "Gurame! ~ Souri no Ryoriban~"

The filming for TV Asahi Summer 2016 drama "Gurame! ~ Souri no Ryoriban~" was wrapped up sometime in September. After the cast including Gouriki Ayame, Kohinata Fumio, Miyake Hiroki, Shinkawa Yua and Matsuo Yukimi shot the final scene at the Prime Minister's Office side hall, they were presented with bouquets of flowers by the staff. Gouriki who was touched by the atmosphere, recounted that she was so surprised that she was allowed to do many things at her own pace such as eating even though she was supposed to be cooking. As such, it was a very enjoyable experience for her. Gouriki also praised her co-stars such as Kohinata for brightening the mood on set and being a good role model for her to learn from and Miyake for treating her like a friend even though their ages are quite far apart. Although she was supposed to be leading everyone as the heroine of the drama, she felt that she was still not good enough to do that and hoped to be able to work together again in future when she can show that she has improved. At the end, she thanked the staff and cast for their hard work during the last few months.

Source: Oricon

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