Sunday, September 25, 2016

Completion screening event of new movie "Yu wo wakasu hodo no atsui ai"

The completion screening event of new movie "Yu wo wakasu hodo no atsui ni" (A love that's hot enough to make water boil) was held on 20 September which was attended by the director Nakano Ryota and cast members Miyazawa Rie, Matsuzawa Toori, Sugisaki Hana, Shinohara Yukiko, Suruga Taro and Ito Aoi. Odagiri Jo was absent from the event as he was overseas for filming.

The movie which is Nakano's first commercial film, features Miyazawa as a mother who is told by the doctor that she is critically ill with terminal cancer and only has two more months to live. Instead of wallowing in self pity, she decides to take action in helping her family prepare for the aftermath of her impending departure by searching for her husband Kazuhiro (Odagiri) who had been missing for a year, resurrecting the family business of a public bath named Sachi no Yu and helping her only daughter (Sugisaki) to stand up against those people who bully her at school.

Miyazawa commented when she read the script, she was impressed with how good it is and that she would regret it if she didn't take on the role. As a result of the hard work from everyone from the cast to the staff, they were finally able to present the result to everyone so she was touched and felt like crying. As Miyazawa is of the same age as Nakano, she felt that she was even more obligated to support him as an actress and praised him for his debut work. Nakano revealed that Miyazawa had told him before that since the script and cast lineup are so good, there was no way that the movie would be boring. However, if Nakano did not do a good job, Miyazawa "threatened" to set him on fire. As such, Nakano called upon the audience to tell Miyazawa if they found the movie to be good. Miyazawa also said that the movie emphasizes that life and health are not to be taken for granted and hopes that the audience will probably see each day differently in a more positive light after watching the film.

As for Sugisaki who plays Miyazawa's daughter in the movie, she revealed that she was honoured yet very nervous to be working with the latter. Thankfully, Miyazawa gave Sugisaki the confidence and assurance that she needed by talking to her so Sugisaki was very grateful for what she did and hoped to be able to call her Mother again.

The movie will be screened in cinemas from 29 October.

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