Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hamada Gaku to star in TV Tokyo drama SP "Tsuri baka nisshi Shinnyuu shain Hamasaki Densuke"

Hamada Gaku will be starring in the TV Tokyo drama SP "Tsuri baka nisshi Shinnyuu shain Hamasaki Densuke" which continues from the same-titled drama series shown last year. The drama SP whose broadcast date has not been confirmed yet, will be set in Ise Shima in Mie Prefecture and the first in the drama version to be shot there. Filming is currently in progress.

Hamada commented that he is having fun with the fishing scenes and hope to be able to produce something which will be as good as the original manga and movie versions. In this SP, Hamada will reprise his role as the salaryman Hamasaki Densuke who is obsessed with fishing and working in his company for the second year, Most of the staff and cast will be the same as the drama series so he is happy to be working with them again. Hamada also expressed how much he was in awe of Nishida Toshiyuki's combination with the late Mikuni Rentaro and revealed that before the filming started, he and Nishida practised their lines together and he was glad that it didn't take them too long to regain their chemistry. While in Shima for the filming, Hamada revealed that the local fishermen and residents were very supportive of them. In addition, they had night drinking sessions and he was especially happy to be drinking with Nishida and the staff.

As for Nishida who returned to work in June after undergoing surgery for cervical subluxation and cholecystitis and recuperating for four months, he thought that he could not recover in time for the filming. During his hospitalisation stay, Hamada came to visit him which provided him with a lot of emotional strength so he is especially glad to be able to make it for the filming in good condition.

Co-stars in this SP include Hirose Arisu and Fukikoshi Mitsuru.

Source: Oricon

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