Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Matsuoka Masahiro to be dressed as a woman in TV Asahi Autumn 2016 drama "Kaseifu no Mitazono"

Matsuoka Masahiro will be dressed as a woman for most of his appearance in the upcoming TV Asahi Autumn 2016 drama "Kaseifu no Mitazono" which begins its run from 21 October at 11.15pm on Fridays. This will be his first time dressing as a woman in a drama series even though he has done it before in variety shows. Matsuoka commented that the most difficult things for him when dressed as a woman is how to use the eyelash curler and his shoulders feeling stiff due to the bra straps. As such, he finally realises how difficult his female co-stars have it through this experience and asked for more preparation time from the staff this time. In addition, he remarked that when he first finished putting on the make-up and wearing female clothes, he was shocked to see himself resembling his own mother and was amused by this because it felt like she was staring back at him in the mirror. Although he doesn't know if his appearance can be considered beautiful as a woman, he did notice that the male staff were murmuring around him. Last but not least, he felt that female actions were especially hard to pick up e.g. how a woman speaks and when he touches his face like a woman, he would inevitably cause some of the make-up to drop off every time so he needs a touch-up very often.

Matsuoka plays the role of Mitazono Kaoru who is actually a male housekeeper but dresses as a woman for some reason. Due to his height (more than 1.8m) and large frame with muscles on his chest, people can't help but take a second look at his appearance. Despite being a man, his skills at doing household chores and cooking are excellent. At the households where he is dispatched to, Mitazono observes and spies on what is going on within the families and sets out to dig out the dirt within in a bid to destroy the dysfunctional families and direct them onto the path of restoring their relationships.

The drama's theme song "Ai! wanna be with you..." will be sung by TOKIO with the lyrics written by Nagase Tomoya and melody composed by the band. Filming is already in progress.

Sources: Oricon / Nikkansports

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