Friday, September 23, 2016

Screening event of new NHK drama "Unmei ni, Nita Koi"

The screening event of new NHK drama "Unmei ni, Nita Koi" (A love like destiny) was held at NHK's headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo on 16 September which was attended by the leads Harada Tomoyo and Saito Takumi as well as the scriptwriter Kitagawa. The drama which begins its run from 23 September at 10pm on Fridays, consists of 8 episodes and is Kitagawa's first NHK drama. Kitagawa commented that as she had done many dramas on private networks to date, she thought that it would be an easy job this time as well but she was asked to make many amendments to the script. As such, she said that this must have been the No.1 script to date which she had spent the most time refining. In addition, she praised the staff and cast for being serious and conscientious about getting each scene right and perfect so the viewers will be able to see the effort put in after watching this drama.

The drama describes how Sakurai Kasumi (Harada) who had met a boy during her childhood and they had exchanged promises to meet again. However, the promise remains as a secret deep within Kasumi as she grows up to become a 45-year-old single mother who is struggling to survive in her job at a laundromat. Just then, she meets a designer Ozawa Yurin (Saito) who she falls in love with. Kasumi then starts to wonder if Yurin's appearance was a coincidence or whether he was the boy she met as a child. Being in very different circumstances, their relationship path is destined to be bumpy as the people around them are also affected by their love for each other.

Co-stars include Yamaguchi Sayaka who plays Shirai Maho, the wife of a major furniture manufacturing company's president and has an affair with Yurin.

Source: Oricon

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