Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Fuben na Benriya" returns as a drama SP on TV Tokyo

TV Tokyo will be broadcasting the drama SP sequel of "Fuben na Benriya" (The inconvenient convenience store) which was first shown in Spring 2015 as a full series written and directed by Hokkaido-based creator Suzui Takayuki. The drama SP titled "Fuben na Benriya 2016 Hatsuyuki" (The inconvenient convenience store 2016 First snow) is expected to be shown at the end of this year or during the New Year holidays.

"Fuben na Benriya" features Okada Masaki as Takeyama Jun who is a scriptwriter with a wild imagination and poor common sense and lives at a nameless town in Hokkaido. Along with Matsui Hideo (Suzuki Kosuke) who owns a handyman business and Umemoto Soichi (Endo Kenichi) who is a former prison officer and has been divorced thrice to date, the three men will return in the drama SP with a new heroine. In addition, the short film produced by the three actors in the drama will be shown during the 11th Sapporo International Short Films Festival 2016 taking place between 10 Oct and 16 Oct before the drama SP is broadcast.

In the 2015 drama series, the cast and crew broke a Guinness record when they made 2,036 snowmen within an hour. At the end of the drama, Takeyama had quit the convenience business and left Hokkaido. The drama SP will be set 18 months later in the autumn when Takeyama returns to Hokkaido and meets his old friends. Co-stars include Triendl Reina and Tanaka Yoji who also appeared in the original drama series.

Sources: Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon


junny said...

Yayyy! I loved Fuben na Benriya when it aired, it was so laidback and funny. The ending kinda, sorta teased about a possible season 2, but an SP is good too. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

me too! this dorama is bloody funny and story is quite something watashi wa"Fuben na Benriya" daisuki desu tanoshimi da na