Thursday, September 15, 2016

First-day screening event of new movie "Shigatsu wa kimi no uso"

The first-day screening event of new movie "Shigatsu wa kimi no uso" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 10 September which was attended by the director Shinjo Takehiko and cast members Hirose Suzu, Yamazaki Kento, Nakagawa Taishi, Ishii Anna and Dan Rei. The movie features Hirose as a free-spirited violinist Miyazono Kaori who changes the life of Arima Kousei after he stops playing the piano due to his mother's demise. In order to prepare for the filming where they have to play the violin and piano, Hirose and Yamazaki started learning the musical instruments 18 months earlier.

As there are many passionate fans of the heroine in the original manga series by Arakawa Naoshi, Hirose said that she felt a lot of pressure when she acted as Kaori that she felt like she was about to die. To make things worse, Kaori was not an easy character to play so it was a brand new challenge for Hirose. Upon reading the favourable comments left by viewers which praised her performance, Hirose revealed that she was so thankful that she felt like crying. Yamazaki also expressed his thanks to the viewers who thought well of his performance.

During the event, the audience brought in cardboards wishing Yamazaki a happy birthday and containing various messages. Of these, there was one which said that even if he is an idiot, the fan would still like him which led his co-stars to burst out laughing. However, Yamazaki was not sure how he should react in such situations and was visibly flustered when the message was brought to his attention.

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