Monday, September 12, 2016

Nikaidou Fumi to star in NTV drama SP "Gappa Sensei!" as a teacher

Nikaidou Fumi will be taking on her first leading role in a drama when she appears in the NTV drama SP "Gappa Sensei!" which will be shown on 23 September at 9pm. The world "Gappa" is a word in the Ishikawa dialect which means "ganbare" (work hard) as the heroine Muramoto Aiko comes from Ishikawa Prefecture.

The drama which is based an episode in the 2010 book "Minna de tonda" describing how a class of students get together to create a miracle during an inter-class jumping rope competition, features Nikaidou as Muramoto who was raised in the suburbs and becomes a primary school teacher in the city where she has to deal with her students and their parents with her cheerful and hardworking personality. On the first day of school, she accidentally blurts out the word "Gappa" during her self-introduction to her class thus earning her the nickname of "Gappa Sensei". This also happens to be Nikaidou's first attempt at playing a teacher to which she expressed anticipation and joy because she had always wanted to take on a teacher's role. She also hopes that this drama will be one which can be enjoyed by the entire family and looks forward to working hard with her co-stars and staff to put up a good performance.

Co-stars include Sakaguchi Kentaro who plays Saeki Ryuji, Muramoto's childhood friend and is a freeter, Ohno Takuro who plays Muramoto's elder brother Makoto, Abe Sadao who plays Osawa Katsuo, the father of one of her students and Kishimoto Kayoko who plays Muramoto's mother Noriko.

Filming started in early September.

Sources: Mantan Web / Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon

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