Thursday, March 08, 2018

Clarification about the coverage policy on Dorama World

Every now and then, I get questions or comments about whether I'm going to cover a particular piece of news or when I'm going to post about it. Most people who ask such questions are polite and don't behave in a nasty manner by talking down to me or as if I am supposed to accede to all of their requests. If something is already in the pipeline, I will tell the person to wait for a while. Given that this blog is a one-person-operation, there is a limit to how much time I can devote to this. Only if the story is breaking news or something really major, I would then let it "jump queue" ahead of the pending stuff I have on hand. Generally, the readers here have been very understanding and patient about this.

Of late though, I have been getting comments and questions from some people (don't know the exact number since some people leave comments as anonymous) which can sometimes get really offensive and rude. Much as I try to keep myself from reacting to such nasty words, some of them are really pushing my limits. As such, I see the need to make things clear now and manage expectations.

As mentioned in my previous post back in December 2017, I really hope that the atmosphere here can be comfortable enough for everyone to post their comments or views without fearing that they may be attacked for their different opinions. However, there are people who still insist on taking a rather nasty tone when voicing their disagreement. For example, there was a comment who didn't agree with my review and blatantly told me that I was wrong and that his/her view was correct. In the first place, a review is my personal view. There is no right or wrong and you don't have to be so defensive or angry even if we don't see eye to eye. Moreover, I do not ask of you to agree with all of my views. In fact, if you have a different perspective, I would love to hear it from you because it may provide something which I may not have noticed and we can learn more from one another through a discussion where we respect each other's views. If you can't accept that we are all different in one way or another and will look at things differently, maybe you shouldn't be reading my reviews in the first place.

There have been people who keep bugging me to cover a particular person who I suppose should be their favourite actor/actress. This is a blog for Japanese dramas, movies and the Japanese entertainment world in general. I try to cover as much as I can, regardless of whether I like the actor/actress. If I have the intention of being biased, you will probably never read anything about those people who I dislike. Likewise, I think it's not reasonable for people to expect this blog to become one which is dedicated to honouring their favourites only. I stress this again - this blog is not a fansite for one person.

Last but not least, I am not a newswire service. There are many other sites which can serve up the news in a faster manner than I can. I don't aspire to be the fastest in conveying the news because that's not possible. For breaking news, I sometimes wait till the situation has become more or less clear before I post anything but this inevitably leads to some people questioning me why they still don't see anything about that news on my blog. And of late, casting announcements of dramas and movies tend to be released in batches rather than at one go. I will follow the order in which the news is announced so it is perfectly normal for you to read multiple posts on the same drama or movie at different points in time due to the nature of how the news was disseminated. If there's really something I missed, you can always give me a lead by leaving a comment or sending a private message through the social media channels. There is really no need to take on a mocking or insulting tone when you assume that I do not know something that you already know.

With this clarification, I hope that everyone will understand how things function on this blog and be able to enjoy the content in a satisfactory manner. Thank you for your support!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Clearly, it's something you love, and there are many of us who visit just to see what treat you have to share. I have no patience for rudeness, or those who steal your work. I'd like to think that you could ignore it, but I know that may not be possible.

Anonymous said...

Chiaki, don't let them ruin what you have right now. They don't know better and you're doing this on your own time. Also, it makes it sound like they're your bosses, trying to ask you about something that they should be doing by themselves. I appreciate the time and effort you put into what you're doing on your blog.

gabby said...

I've been following your blog for years now and I just wanted to convey my appreciation for everything you've posted till today. Had no idea that there are people out there making requests for you to post about specific news. Or that there are people being rude either. But I can't say I'm surprised given how ugly it can get online at times. I just wanted to say that, regardless of whether you've posted about my favourites or not, I'm a grateful reader and continue to read your news because it's always been diverse and not catering to any particular group or actors, etc. Thanks so much for all you've done! xx

Anonymous said...

I am always happy to read your posts since there isn't many sites that inform about Japanese showbiz, I don't understand how people dare to be demanding! If anything, they should be grateful :/

I also hate when people get offended by a particular review... it is like you can't make any negative comment nowadays, everyone gets offended. Ignore them. I like to review doramas as well and when I get this kind of comment I reply with "it is my review anyway, deal with it" kind of response :)

Also, I like that you are diverse, now I wonder about what particular actor/actress they are asking about, hehe. Anyway, ignore the nasty readers! There are more people satisfied with your posts than rude readers :)

junny said...

Chiaki, you're doing a great job already, so don't let those negative voices get you down. There are many people, including myself, who are very appreciative of all that you've done, and grateful that you're still providing J-ent news in a timely manner despite being so busy. Just want to say thank you for giving J-drama fans a place to get news that we might not be able to get elsewhere. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey there first time commenting.

You are doing a really good job i have been following your blog for maybe a year now and i enjoy the fact that you are not 'indeed' fan biased and offer information for a big pool of actor, drama and movie news.

Don't listen to them keep up the good work ^^

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that you take the time to share your translated news with us, and I also enjoy your personal viewpoint. I think you run a very eclectic site, and if you have favorite performers, I can't tell who they are from your posts. Thank you for this blog!

Anonymous said...


Reading this post made me left this comment.
I hope you hang on and don't ever consider rage quit.

I have been following your blog for years, and if I have any questions or things I am unsure of on japanese drama, yours is the first that pop up my head. Dorama world is like the term my mind cropped up with instantly.

There will always be someone that crave instant gratification, especially when japanese news sources are rarely translated. Either one learn japanese or seek blogs like yours. Let them be, or just think about the fact the reason i think they keep coming back to you means they acknowledge your skills, but are just simply rude when requesting a certain news or forget the fact that this ain't a fansite for a particular artist.

Anonymous said...

Chiaki, ganbarreeeee...
Thank you for your effort through and through without asking an return. I appreciate your blog and you as a personal to translate all the celebrities or entertainment news about Japan.

Look all the comments here are positive and thankful to your blog. Apologise for my english.
Keep up the good work Chiaki

Anonymous said...

I come by occasionally and always find interesting things. Thank you.