Thursday, September 15, 2016

ONE OK ROCK to sing the theme song for new movie "Museum" starring Oguri Shun

Rock band ONE OK ROCK will be singing the theme song titled "Taking Off" for the new movie "Museum" starring Oguri Shun which is due to be shown in cinemas from 12 November. The song will be available on music streaming sites from 16 September.

The movie which is based on the same-titled 2013 manga by Tomoe Ryousuke, features Oguri as a police detective Sawamura Hisashi who is in charge of investigating a series of strange and violent murders which took place only on rainy days where weird notes were left behind at the crime scenes. During his pursuit of the culprit who wears a frog mask along with a newbie police detective Nishino Junichi (Nomura Shunichi), he finds himself being targeted by the frog mask man and his wife Haruka (Ono Machiko) ends up being abducted by the murder suspect. Co-stars include Maruyama Tomomi, Tabata Tomoko, Ichikawa Mikako, Oomori Nao and Matsushige Yutaka. However, the identity of the actor who plays the frog man is still a mystery for now.

The movie's director Ootomo Keishi who has worked with ONE OK ROCK since the "Rurouni Kenshin" movie series, revealed that he chose the band as he believed that they could show the film's theme of reaching a breaking point through their song. He commented that he has always liked ONE OK ROCK and was very impressed with their talent ever since he watched a documentary film about them. As such, he hopes that viewers of the movie will be able to enjoy their song fully through the good sound systems in the cinemas and experience the charm of their music.

Source: Oricon

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Anonymous said...

There's a rumor going around twitter that the Frogman in Oguri Shun Museum is Ninomiya Kazunari. You can search it in ミュージアム hashtag. It does sound like nino. Kind of surprising if its him since the role is too gory & OOR getting theme song (johnny's sort of don't work with ex-johnny's. company policy)