Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Takanashi Rin to appear in Hulu original drama series "Daishou" as Oguri Shun's girlfriend

Takanashi Rin will be playing Oguri Shun's girlfriend in the new Hulu original drama series "Daishou" as announced on 8 Sep. In this drama featuring controversial themes such as abuse and criminal instigation, Oguri plays the role of Okuyama Keisuke, a lawyer who struggles with his obsessive compulsive disorder and demons from his past when he reunites with Ando Tatsuya who was responsible for his plight. Takanashi's character Shiraishi Makoto is caught between Keisuke and Tatsuya but tries to help her boyfriend by giving him support. Takanashi commented that when she first heard about the drama's proposal, she thought that this is something which you can rarely find in most dramas so she was eager to participate. As for her collaboration with Oguri, she revealed that he's someone who immerses himself fully into the character so this in turn helps her to do the same without any reservations.

"Daishou" is scheduled to be broadcast via Hulu in the US and Japan at the same time this autumn and consists of six episodes.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi

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