Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nomura Shuhei & Kuroshima Yuina to star in real-life adaptation movie "Sakurada Reset"

Nomura Shuhei and Kuroshima Yuina will be starring in the real-life adaptation movie of "Sakurada Reset" which is based on the youth mystery novel series published between 2009 and 2012 by Kouno Yutaka. This will be the first collaboration between Nomura and Kuroshima and the movie which will be split into two parts, will be shown in spring 2017.

The story is set in a town named Sakurada where about half of the residents have special powers. Nomura plays the lead character Asano Kei who has the ability to maintain his memories and never forget what he has experienced while Kuroshima plays Haruki Misora who has the ability to turn the world's clock back by a maximum of three days i.e. the power to reset. Together, the two of them can change things happening at present if they combine their powers. However, there is one thing which the duo are unable to change i.e. the death of their classmate Souma Sumire (Taira Yuna). 2 years ago, Souma died as a result of the reset power being used and the clash between the government's management agency which wanted to keep the powers of the Sakurada residents in check. Since then, Kei has been under the constant supervision of the management agency. After meeting a number of Sakurada residents with various powers, Kei and Misora start to wonder if they can resurrect Souma with the help of these residents. Co-stars also include Kentaro, Tamashiro Tina and Tsunematsu Yuri.

The edited novel version will be released over 7 consecutive months with Volume 1 going on sale from 24 September and the subsequent volumes will be published on the 25th of each month.

Nomura commented as the movie consists of two parts, he has a lot of lines to memorise and the fact that his character has a special power means that it is going to be a big challenge for him this time. Nonetheless, he will try his best during the two months of filming and called upon fans to look forward to the movies which he believes will turn out very well. Meanwhile, Kuroshima said that she had been playing mostly cheerful and energetic girls to date but this time, her character is a lot more subdued without much emotions so she hopes to be able to convey the character's traits in the movie. As for working with Nomura, she said that his presence is very assuring and she hopes to rely on him going forward.

Sources: Yomiuri Hochi / / Oricon

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