Sunday, September 18, 2016

B'z to sing the theme song for new movie "Shippu Rondo" starring Abe Hiroshi

B'z will be singing the theme song for new movie "Shippu Rondo" starring Abe Hiroshi which is due to be shown in cinemas from 26 November and adapted from the same-titled novel by Higashino Keigo. Being a big fan of B'z, the director Yoshida Teruyuki approached the duo who accepted the offer readily. The song titled "Fukiarenasai" is the first movie theme song by B'z since "PRAY" which was the theme song for 2009 movie "TAJOMARU".

B'z commented that they had read the original novel where they had a deep impression of the flashy yet comical scenes which happened amid the characters' belief in heading down the paths they believed in. As such, they wanted to show this type of emotion in the setting of a snowstorm and hoped that viewers will be able to enjoy the movie's impressive images along with their song which took 1.5 months to produce. Meanwhile, Abe revealed that he was very excited when he was told that B'z was going to write the theme song for the movie and believed that there is no other song which fits the ending credits of this movie that has suspense, action and comedy elements rolled into one. He hopes that viewers will leave the cinema theatres with feelings of exhilaration after watching the movie to the end. As for Yoshida, he expressed his gratitude to B'z for granting them the honour of using their song for their movie but joked that viewers might remember the song more than the movie after leaving the cinemas.

The release date of "Fukiarenasai" has not been decided yet.

Sources: Sanspo / Oricon

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