Friday, September 16, 2016

Completion screening event of new movie "Otousan to Itou-san"

The completion screening event of new movie "Otousan to Itou-san" (Father and Mr. Itou) was held on 8 September which was attended by the director Tanada Yuki and cast members Ueno Juri, Lily Frankie and Fuji Tatsuya. The movie describes how the heroine Aya (Ueno) is cohabiting with her boyfriend Itou-san who is 20 years older than her and how her father's (Fuji) sudden visit to their apartment causes chaos in their peaceful lives.

Ueno who married Wada Sho from TRICERATOPS in May this year, was asked during the event about the advantages of getting married to which she replied that it was impossible to find someone to have meals with her when she was single and she didn't like having food from the convenience stores. Even if she buys ingredients from the supermarket to cook, it would take her at least two days to finish the food. Now, the portions are just right for two people and she finds that she has become more relaxed than before. Upon hearing this, Lily who is single, said that he would probably die alone and it would take 3 weeks before anyone will notice that so he hopes that he can be "discovered" in three days if that happens.

As Ueno's mother-in-law is the culinary expert Hirano Remi, she revealed that she has grown to be better at cooking and enjoys it for its creative aspect. When Fuji asked Ueno what she cooked yesterday, she revealed that it was pasta and steak. When asked about details, Ueno said that she was with her mother-in-law until 6pm so she couldn't go to buy any ingredients and resorted to using what was in her fridge. In the end, she made a tomato-based sauce with basil, eggplant, onions, tabasco sauce, anchovies for the pasta with natto, eggs and shiso as the topping. In response to this, Lily asked if she had used the Remi-pan which is the brand of frypans which her mother-in-law endorses and Ueno confirmed that she did use that to grill her steak.

Source: Oricon

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