Sunday, September 18, 2016

Third round of cast announcements for new movie "Sangatsu no Lion"

The third round of cast announcements for new movie "Sangatsu no Lion starring Kamiki Ryuunosuke was made on 12 September. The movie which is based on the same-titled manga by Umino Chika, is due to be shown as an anime on NHK this autumn and features Kamiki as the lead character Kiriyama Rei who is a 17-year-old talented shogi player living in the suburbs of Tokyo. Takahashi Issei will be playing the role of Hayashida Takashi, a teacher at the senior high school which Rei attends while Iwamatsu Ryo will play the role of Jinguji Takanori, the president of the Japan Shogi Association. Saiki Shigeru will play Yanagihara Sakutaro who is the oldest active shogi player in rank A even after passing the age of 60. Rei's seniors in shogi who also form a duo i.e. Misumi Tatsuyuki and Matsumoto Issa will be played respectively by Nakamura Tomoya and Onoue Hiroyuki. Okuno Keita plays Yamazaki Junkei, the rival who plays against Rei in the newcomers' match and Komoto Masahiro will play Yasui Manabu, a fellow shogi player who poses distraction to Rei. Itaya Yuka will play Misaki, the mamasan of a club frequented by the shogi players who is also the aunt of the Kawamoto sisters.

Part 1 of the movie will be shown in cinemas from 18 March while Part 2 will be shown from 22 April. The 4th round of cast announcements is expected to be revealed in the near future.

Source: Oricon

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