Wednesday, September 07, 2016

"Otokomeshi" to be released on Blu-ray & DVD with scenes of Takahata Yuta cut

The Blu-ray & DVD box sets of TV Tokyo Summer 2016 drama "Otokomeshi" starring Namase Katsuhisa will be released on 14 December which consists of 5 discs and 2-hours worth of special footage. In addition, the drama will be re-edited to cut out the footage where Takahata Yuta appeared after he was caught last month for rape and assault. For the special footage, it will contain an unreleased episode which features new dishes such as whole squid grilled in foil, roasted maguro with yuzu and pepper and finely chopped horse mackerel in chazuke. The behind-the-scenes footage was taken during a 44-day filming period. Last but not least, cast members such as Emoto Tokio will introduce their signature Otokomeshi dishes and there will be interviews of the cast and director. Recipes of all the dishes featured will also be put into a booklet included in the Blu-ray and DVD boxes.

Source: Oricon

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