Monday, September 19, 2016

JY (Jiyoung) to appear in the last episode of FujiTV Summer 2016 drama "Suki na hito ga iru koto"

JY (Jiyoung) will be making a cameo appearance in the last episode of FujiTV Summer 2016 drama "Suki na hito ga iru koto" which will be shown on 19 September at 9pm. JY plays the role of Yoshioka Jun, a patissier who comes to Seas Sons for an interview after Kanata (Yamazaki Kento) declares that he wants to hire a new patissier. At the end of episode 9, Misaki (Kiritani Mirei) finally comes clean with her feelings and reveals that she likes Kanata but his reply that he no longer likes her catches her by surprise. Despite so, Misaki tries to work hard to make the Dining Out event a success so that she can regain her pride as a patissier and continue to work at Sea Sons but the appearance of a possible replacement shakes her faith.

JY who also sings the theme song for the drama, commented she was already very grateful to be given the chance to sing the theme song so when she was asked to appear in the drama, she felt that it was like a dream come true. As such, she hopes to be able to show the singer and actress sides of herself to the viewers. During the filming, she revealed that the realisation of her appearing in the drama didn't sink in until she saw her initials on the script's cast list and that it was an unusual feeling to be able to take part in this drama by making a cameo appearance.

Source: Oricon

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