Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mukai Osamu, Kimura Fumino & Sato Jirou to be back in the movie version of "Kami no shita wo motsu otoko"

The movie version of TBS Summer 2016 drama "Kami no shita wo motsu otoko" starring Mukai Osamu will be shown in cinemas from 3 December. The film which is titled "RANMARU Kami no shita wo motsu otoko ~ (abbreviated) ~ Hoozuki Death Road Hen", will be written and directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko who was also responsible for the drama series.

The movie continues from the last episode of the drama when Ranmaru (Mukai) finally finds the only woman he can kiss i.e. Miyabi (Hirosue Ryoko) but falls out of love nonetheless. After solving the last case at an onsen resort, he parts ways with his "partners" Kamekanbo Hikaru (Kimura Fumino) and Miyazawa Kanji (Sato Jirou) and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. During the trip, he collapses at a village where he meets another woman who his mouth "favours" and begins to work at the local onsen resort when another murder case takes place.
Besides the three main cast members, Kimura Tae will join the movie as Takeda Rindou, a beautiful doctor at the village. Co-stars also include Ichihara Hayato who plays Nonomura Ryuunosuke, the young master of the onsen ryokan Bohemian and is dressed in western-style clothes but speaks the Yamagata dialect, Zaizen Naomi who plays Katsuragi Yuki, the female manager at the ryokan and Kurotani Tomoka who plays the president of the local water factory.
As the full title of the movie is very long i.e. "RANMARU Kami no shita wo motsu otoko Sakagura wakadanna kaishi jiken no kage ni hisomu Tekisasu otoko to Bohemian Okami, soshite bijinmura ishi wo oitsumeru nazo no kagome kagome rouba gundan to sankensha no mura no noroi ni 2 sasu mania with miyaken to goddotan, beroncho adobencha! ryaku shite...Ranmaru wa nido shinu. Hoozuki Death Road Hen" which means "RANMARU the man who has God's tongue The Texan man and Bohemian female manager who hide behind the weird death case of the brewery's young master, and the mysterious old women's woven-bamboo pattern group who force the beautiful female doctor into a corner and the curse of the Sankensha Village and 2 suspense maniacs with Miyaken, Goddotan and Beroncho Adventure! abbreviated to...Ranmaru dies twice Ghost Light Death Road Chapter", it was thus decided that most of the central portion would be abbreviated to make the title shorter.

Filming took place in places like Shizuoka, Kyoto and Yamanashi during June and July. Mukai commented that he didn't expect the drama to be made into a movie and hopes that viewers will enjoy the scaled-up images shot during their tough summer filming. Tsutsumi commented that the passion of the staff and cast knows no boundaries so they are able to make this movie. He hopes that everyone will continue to support and offer them encouragement and criticism. at the same time.

Source: Oricon

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