Friday, September 16, 2016

Watanabe Ken & Miyazaki Aoi attend the Toronto International Film Festival for their movie "Ikari"

Watanabe Ken, Miyazaki Aoi and director Lee Sang-il attended the official screening of their new movie "Ikari" on 10 September during the 41st Toronto International Film Festival. After the screening, the 1,400-strong audience stood up to clap which led Watanabe to feel so touched that tears welled up in his eyes. Watanabe said that he was at a loss for words upon seeing the audience's response and revealed that this is already the second time he had watched the film and attributed his loss of composure to the director.

The movie features a murder case where during the course of searching for the true murderer, it brings up the central theme of the meaning of believing people. Besides Watanabe and Miyazaki, the cast also boasts of big names such as Tsumabuki Satoshi and Matsuyama Kenichi. Coincidentally, these four actors were also the leads for NHK Taiga dramas.

This is the first time that Watanabe is attending this film festival which is also the largest in North America. Due to his appearance in various Hollywood movies in the past, he is well-known there as seen from the 300-odd fans who had gathered before the Elgin Theatre to see him. During the film festival, there is no award decided by judges but rather the film festival goers will choose their favourite for the "People's Choice Award" among the films featured. Coincidentally, Leonard DiCaprio's movie 'Before The Flood" is also in the running for the award. Although Watanabe and DiCaprio contacted each other by phone and wanted to meet up in Toronto, it was not meant to be since they were busy with their respective schedules. The two actors last worked together in the 2010 movie "Inception".

Results of the "People's Choice Award" will be announced on 18 September local time.

Sources: Sanspo / Sponichi

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