Sunday, September 25, 2016

Handover ceremony for NHK morning dramas "Toto Nee-chan" & "Beppin-san"

The handover ceremony for NHK morning dramas "Toto Nee-chan" and "Beppin-san" was held on 20 September at NHK Osaka where the lead of the current drama i.e. Takahata Mitsuki passed over a silver baton to Yoshine Kyoko who stars in the latter that will begin its run from 3 October. Since Japan won a silver medal in the 4x100m relay in this year's Olympics, it was then decided that the ceremony would feature a passing-of-baton segment between the two female leads for the first time.

During the exchange of presents segment, Takahata gave Yoshine a fountain pen while the latter gave her a book cover which bears an embroidery design since her character in the morning drama is good at sewing. Yoshine expressed her happiness in receiving the pen which she can use to write on her script and letters for the important people in her life. As for Takahata, she was pleased to be given such a practical gift which bears her name and said that she will be able to use it immediately when she receives her next script. As Takahata had experience working with NHK Osaka when she appeared in the 2013 morning drama "Gochisousan", she advised Yoshine to be prepared for difficulties during the filming period and rely on the Osaka staff if need be so that she can perform to her fullest potential. Since Takahata has experience working with the Tokyo and Osaka staff, she also advised Yoshine to go around with her fellow co-stars to have fun since the actors will have to stay in Osaka together for the filming as compared to in Tokyo when everyone goes home after work.

The last episode of "Toto Nee-chan" will be shown on 1 October.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sponichi / Oricon

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