Thursday, September 15, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Dare ka no Mokkin"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Dare ka no Mokkin" (Somebody's xylophone) was held at Yurakucho Subaruza on 10 September which was attended by the director Higashi Yoichi and the leads Tokiwa Takako and Ikematsu Sousuke. The suspense movie which is based on the novel by Inoue Areno, features Tokiwa as a housewife named Sayoko who moves to a new town and goes to the local hair salon where she meets the handsome hair stylist Kaitou (Ikematsu). After having her hair cut by him once, Sayoko becomes besotted with Kaitou and gradually becomes a stalker. The story describes Sayoko as a woman who doesn't know how to cope with her loneliness and Kaitou who comes face-to-face with the desperate hunger of a woman.

When asked to comment about the feelings that Sayoko feels for Kaitou, Tokiwa said that it's probably a sense of loneliness that is prevalent in the current society. For Tokiwa though, she actually enjoys being alone and would even turn off the lights in her room and cry loudly even though nobody can hear her. However, she thinks that her feeling of loneliness might not have reached such a level that it's unbearable so that's why she is still enjoying this so far. Tokiwa also commented that whenever she sees or reads about news relating to people having affairs, she always wonders where the line is to be drawn before one is considered to have strayed from his or her partner. Especially since there is no way we can find out what the other party is thinking, she feels that it's a rather frightening thing to experience. Tokiwa felt that this film will probably set viewers thinking about this topic and hopes that they will watch it a few times to understand the story better.

On the other hand, Ikematsu also echoed Tokiwa's view and said that he enjoys being alone. However, humans are by nature lonely if they can't talk to people so they would want to feel fulfilled at times. He feels that society in general still holds a negative view about being alone but that shouldn't be the case.

To celebrate the movie's first day of screening, there was a kagamibiraki ceremony i.e. breaking of a sake cask. The director Higashi revealed that there was actually no sake inside the cask since they didn't want it to splash onto the actors' clothes and the screen. In actual fact, he didn't want to do it since it felt like they were lying but had to go ahead with the idea due to the occasion. Higashi joked that the staff might be angry at him for letting the cat out of the basket which led the audience to laugh.

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