Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fukuyama Masaharu expresses anger at the trial of the intruder who broke into his apartment

The first hearing of the trial involving Miyamoto Mariko, a former concierge who broke into the apartment of Fukuyama Masaharu and Fukiishi Kazue, was held at Tokyo District Court on 8 September. During the hearing, the prosecutor read aloud the written testimony from Fukuyama who expressed his fear upon hearing that the culprit had been a concierge staff at the apartment complex where he lived at and asked for her to be punished with a prison term. Miyamoto who was said to be a fan of Fukuyama since 2009, allegedly abused her position as a concierge and used a spare key to enter the apartment of Fukuyama and Fukiishi when she was caught in the act by Fukiishi who happened to return home. According to prosecutors, she had chosen to enter the apartment when the couple was out so that she could see their apartment and personal belongings.

In the written statement from Fukuyama, he also described how they could not live in the same way as before as his wife was shaken by the encounter with Miyamoto. He expressed his fear and anger that Miyamoto could have attacked Fukiishi when the latter caught her in their apartment. On the other hand, Fukiishi's statement revealed that she was surprised to find the lock to their apartment door unlocked when she returned home on that evening on 6 May and a stranger barged out from the kitchen, trying to get away from Fukiishi while apologising profusely for making a mistake. Fukiishi chased after Miyamoto till the lift lobby and questioned the latter's identity but Miyamoto still managed to escape. Fukiishi expressed her fear after that incident and is still feeling uneasy to date. Miyamoto was said to have reported to work as usual even after the incident before she was identified through surveillance camera footage and arrested on 22 May. As a result of what happened, the couple had to shift house.

The trial was concluded after the accused pleaded guilty and the prosecutors asked for a prison sentence of one year. Miyamoto apologised for the inconvenience caused by her sudden impulse to see Fukuyama's guitar when she was questioned in court. The verdict will be announced on 28 September.

Ever since Miyamoto became a fan of Fukuyama, she learnt how to play his songs on the guitar and entered his fanclub. She was also said to have waited outside various locations such as TV stations for at least 15 to 16 times. She moved from Chiba Prefecture to a location in Tokyo near Fukuyama's apartment in 2013 and switched jobs from a shoes salesperson to the concierge at his apartment complex. Miyamoto revealed that she came to know that Fukuyama lived at the apartment complex after she started working as a concierge. However, there was speculation that she had changed jobs just to get near to Fukuyama.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi

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