Thursday, September 22, 2016

Production press conference of TV Tokyo drama SP "Mohouhan"

The production press conference of TV Tokyo drama SP "Mohouhan" was held on 14 September which was attended by cast members Nakatani Miki, Sakaguchi Kentaro, Yamamoto Yusuke Shimizu Fumika and Kishide Ittoku. The two-part drama SP which is to be shown on 21st and 22 September at 9pm, is based on Miyabe Miyuki's same-titled novel and is the first drama adaptation for the novel since the movie version 14 years ago starring Nakai Masahiro.

As this is the first time that Nakatani and Sakaguchi worked together, they were asked about their impressions of each other. Nakatani commented that before meeting Sakaguchi, she thought that he was a laidback guy but later realised that he is a passionate guy deep down with a strong character. She was also very impressed by the fact that he holds an annual membership at one cinema and would go to watch movies often to pick up acting techniques. As such, she is filled with hope about the future of Japanese movies and dramas since there is someone like him who is young yet very serious about his acting. On the other hand, Sakaguchi revealed that he couldn't really imagine what kind of person Nakatani is as she had played so many different characters in the past. After working with her, he could see her strong and gentle sides so he thinks that it is not possible to describe accurately how she really is. In response, Nakatani said with a smile that she is happy about this observation since she doesn't like to be stereotyped in the first place.

When asked about memorable scenes in the drama, Nakatani cited one when she was brought to tears by Shimizu and said that she has become the latter's fan. Upon hearing this, Shimizu expressed her joy and promised to give Nakatani candies later. However, Nakatani said that Shimizu can save on the candies since she really likes her and is not paying lip service. Shimizu revealed an incident during the filming when the camera had to capture the expressions of other characters from the back of Nakatani's shoulder. When the cameraman said that he was going to "borrow" her shoulder, Nakatani replied with a simple "nannarito" (by all means) which deeply impressed Shimizu because this was something she usually sees in scripts only. As such, Shimizu hopes to be able to become a woman who can say something like this in such a charming manner one day.

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