Sunday, September 25, 2016

Production press conference of TV Tokyo drama SP "Kyoaku wa nemurasenai Tokusou Kenji no gyakushuu"

The production press conference of TV Tokyo drama SP "Kyoaku wa nemurasenai Tokusou Kenji no gyakushuu" was held on 21 September which was attended by the cast members Tamaki Hiroshi, Aibu Saki and Nakadai Tatsuya. The drama SP which will be shown on 5 October at 9pm, is based on the novel titled "Baikoku" by Mayama Jin and features Tamaki as the lead character Tominaga Shinichi who is a public prosecutor tasked to find out the truth behind am illegal political donations case and a case about a space exploration project. Aibu plays his childhood friend Hattanda Haruka who works as a researcher in JAXA while Nakadai plays an influential politician Tachibana Yohei.

As this is Tamaki's first attempt at playing a public prosecutor, he said that most people tend to associate prosecutors as heroes of justice so he hopes to be able to present this side as well as the internal struggles his character faces in the pursuit for the truth. As for Aibu, she expressed her worry initially when she got the role because she had been playing bad women roles in the last three years or so who got involved in affairs or cheated on the men. As Haruka is a very innocent and pure character, she wondered if she would be able to look convincing as such a good person which the script describes Haruka to be. Luckily, she managed to get over her insecurities with the help of everyone around her and felt that it was good that she could play this character after all.

Nakadai whose character is at odds with Tamaki and Aibu's characters, described his younger co-stars as good actors who were coming at him at full force which made him feel that he was overpowered at times. In response, Aibu revealed that she was under a lot of pressure since this was the first time she had worked with Nakadai and there were scenes when she had to confront him. As for Tamaki, he tried to act in a simple manner and commented that he felt honoured to be acting opposite Nakadai.

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Thank you for this post! I am really looking forward to this *prays hard for a kind soul to sub this* It sounds very interesting and I'm always up for stuff like this. The cast is looking good!