Sunday, November 06, 2016

"Fukigen na Kajitsu" returns as a drama SP in January 2017

TV Asahi Spring 2016 drama "Fukigen na Kajitsu" will be back as a drama SP in January 2017 with the title "Fukigen na Kajitsu ~ Sannenme no Uwaki ~" (The Fruit of Displeasure - The third year's infidelity). The original cast lineup of Kuriyama Chiaki, Ichihara Hayato, Takanashi Rin, Inagaki Goro, Hashimoto Manami and Rokkaku Seiji will be appearing in the SP which is set three years after the ending of the drama where the three ladies vowed not to get involved in extramarital affairs again.

In the original drama series based on Hayashi Mariko's novel, Kuriyama played a married woman Mayako who was unsatisfied with her husband Kouichi (Inagaki) and began an affair with a music critic Michihiko (Ichihara). Although they later got married, she was aghast to find that Michihiko is actually a mommy's boy. Meanwhile, her buddy Kumi was involved in an affair with Kouichi and they got together with Kumi putting up a good fight against his mother Ayako (Manda Hisako). As for their buddy Reiko (Hashimoto) who was having affairs with other men, she reconciled with her husband Shigeru (Rokkaku) at the end. However, Mayako, Kumi and Reiko start to get bored with their lives and start to dabble in forbidden love again. Mayako who dislikes Michihiko's lack of masculine chivalry, gets attracted to a wild-looking and muscular farmer. Due to Mayako and Kouichi's reunion which suggests a likelihood of them reconciling, Kumi's jealousy soars to new heights. At the same time, Michihiko who is teaching part-time at a music university, gets involved with his student under the pretext of career guidance.

Kuriyama commented that the drama SP will still contain the elements of romance and friendship just like the drama series and the cast and staff will work together to make the SP even better for the viewers to enjoy. Inagaki also expressed joy about the drama SP and said that although his character is quite detestable, he also likes it very much so he is looking forward playing Kouichi again this time.

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